We are all sick of hearing about Mark Hughes too!

Mark Hughes has spent the last few weeks talking about how much he wants John Terry at Man City, and trying to tap him up with crazy offers of untold riches, but now he is telling the press to stop asking about it!

This situation is all of your own making Mark, and if you had just spoken to the club without gobbing off to the press every five minutes then they wouldn’t keep asking about it, would they?

He said yesterday: “I would imagine from your view that you are pretty fed up with me saying the same thing over and over again.

“I much rather talk about the players we have signed. That’s where my focus will lie for the next few days.

“The situation with other players, whether or not they are coming to the club, may well be resolved in the completion of the transfer window.”

Perhaps you should have worked out earlier that you shouldn’t be talking about other clubs players before you have permission to talk to them. That way you wouldn’t make yourself look such an idiot?

What happened to the managers code of conduct?

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