Weekend's biggest winners were Chelsea

This weekend is nearly over, in fact in regards to the Premiership it was over Saturday evening and the overall opinion from both fans and pundits alike is that the big winners were Chelsea.

Arsenal dropping two point at home and Man Utd doing the same and having a player sent off has simply played in to our hands, we now sit top of the table without even playing.

Another factor is that our players got rested and some of our lads in Africa playing in the African Nations Cup may end up playing one game less though considering the circumstances of that we would have preferred that was not the case.

We also saw Inter struggle like hell last night to get a win over lowly Sienna and seriously if thats the best they can play then we do not have that much to worry about when we play them.

Overall the club is harmonious, happy and contented, not even the Sunday papers did not have any sensationalist headlines.

Not a bad weekend in fact to be a Blue.

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  1. Lucas says

    thats good..

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