What The Return Of Drogba Will Add To Chelsea

It’s been over 2 years or to be more exact 799 days since Didier Drogba sunk that ball into the bottom corner at the Bayern end in Munich to win Chelsea its greatest and most sought after prize of all time, the club’s proclaimed ‘Holy grail’, the UEFA Champions League. We thought that was the end of the chapter for him in the club’s books but then reports started linking him with a return to Chelsea and not as a coach like we thought at first, a player. But regardless of what he is returning as it’s really hard for a Chelsea fan not to get excited.

After the departure of Ashley Cole, Frank Lampard, Drogba returns to find only two of the ‘old guard’ still relevant to the club in John Terry and Petr Cech, who have both really been involved since the Roman Abramovich era took off in full flight. So at the tender age of 36, what could Didier Drogba bring to Chelsea?

Drogba stated in his last interview for the club before leaving that even if he was called to the club just to cut the grass he would and it seems the call has been made, and no, it’s not to level the turf of Stamford Bridge.

‘King Didier’ as a number of us love to refer him as, would be returning just as a boost for the new season and the majority of that boost doesn’t seem to be about his ability on the pitch as he is way past the mark, but probably as a voice among the backroom staffs and to help our ‘somewhat’ young squad find their bearing especially during difficult times.

Drogba has been through it all at Chelsea, held in high regard and heavily criticized by both media and fans at a time, played under 7 managers at the club, dropped to bench often during the Scolari era, red carded in cup finals as well as scoring the winning goals in them, he knows how to bounce back from unfortunate situations and that sort of experience is undoubtedly massive for group of players who may find themselves in similar situations at some point. But is providing moral support all what he would be doing? I doubt it.

Of course, any fan who expects Drogba to be the same deadly forward he used to be for us on his return is clearly deluded but a full season with us would no doubt see him score a number of goals and no matter how few they are and when they come in it would be very much appreciated.  Drogba scored 157 goals for the club; he is the highest goal scoring African in the premier league and let’s not forget his impressive 9 goals in 9 cup finals. Those are little things he could add a few numbers to on his return.

We’ve seen this with Liverpool, when Robbie Fowler returned, Arsenal, when Thierry Henry came back and now it’s our turn, there’s no disadvantage at all about this move, after all, ‘Didier Drogba, he is one of us!’

  1. Okezie obinnaya says

    It quiet a pleasant time to welcome back our doctor in football– doctor drogba.kodos to chelsea,speal one,plus all the chelsea fan.thank you & i luv u.

  2. Tollyboy says

    Drogba will make more effort to chelsea squad

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