Who cares about Terry's personal life, Ancelotti does not

Carlo Ancelotti has continued to defend John Terry and underlined why he will remain the club captain.
Speaking to La Reppublica Ancelotti said

“Terry has maintained the captaincy because it’s not my role to monitor the private life of my players, unless this affects their performances,”

“For myself and for the club, he is a great captain, a serious professional, a leader and a player who has great closeness to this club, because he grew up in the Chelsea academy.

“I guarantee that it has not affected the team in the least. We will prepare well for the Champions League fixture against Inter Milan on February 24.”

Exactly right

It is a shame that “others” did not judge Terry on his abilities as a captain, leader and motivator rather than what goes on off the field.

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    England did’nt made the right choice,wen the rid terry of the armband,they rid a leader nd hurt their ambition.Ferdinand is a dog nd a tigar,hardly win a march nd can neva be an eagle.

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