Who will replace Mikel in the Chelsea midfield?

In news that nobody was expecting, it seems that John Obi Mikel may well be poised to leave Stamford Bridge with Turkish side Galatasaray the likely destination. Galatasaray sporting director Bulent Tulun told media after a visit to London that a permanent move for Mikel was in the works. Mikel has a contract until 2017 after signing an extension in December, and the club’s willingness to cash in on the 26 year old Nigerian midfielder looks to be a sign that Jose Mourinho is looking to put his own stamp on both the squad and the first team itself.

Mikel has won pretty much all there is to win during his 7 year spell in London, and while he has never really been acknowledged as one of Chelsea’s most important players, he has been an ever present under a number of managers. Many fans will not be sad to see him leave, especially if he commands a decent transfer fee, but Mikel was always solid if never spectacular. He would leave us short of central midfield options, but there is some suggestion that Mourinho is looking to reintroduce Michael Essien in to the squad in his place.

I will not rejoice in Mikel leaves – he always gave his all on the pitch and never disrespected the club. However, I must admit that the prospect of change is exciting. Mikel never established himself as the sort of midfield boss that he should have become, and he was never likely to come up with a goal. Midfielders, even if defensive, should provide some sort of threat going forward. We don’t have that with John Obi, and it’s something we need if we hope to build a league winning team.

If we do sell Mikel, does this mean that we will buy a defensive midfielder? Not entirely. As mentioned, the returning Michael Essien is highly rated by Mourinho, while David Luiz proved his worth there last season.

Incorporating Terry in the back line could well mean pushing Luiz forward more permanently. Additionally, defensive midfield is a position that Oscar has previously excelled at. His passing range is phenomenal, and with a number of attacking talents being brought in to the squad, Oscar might be asked to drop deeper for the good of the team. All of this remains uncertain, but if Mikel is up for sale, I find myself asking one thing. What else is going on behind the scenes? This possible sale came completely out of the Blue – will there be more widespread change than we’re prepared for?

  1. Olumuyiwa says

    Then we should go for an upgrade. If not he is okay

  2. Israel says

    Ur write up is deviod of truth… Which player can u compare wt mikel in his position.when u want to maintain stability,then,that’s mikel’s name. Truly he’s an unsung hero. Chelsea has started selling their future.

  3. Pajo says

    pls, Mikel goes nowhere, I know Mou will not contemplate this, he is chelsea’s strong spot.

  4. Destiny says

    John Obi Mikel is going nowhere.It is just a speculation.He is an integral member of chelsea team.Essien is some how injury prone. Unless Mourinho want to see the angry faces of his beloved fans.Defensive midfield players do not always get goals unless he choose to be reckless with his position by exposing the defense line to attackers just like what happened during our final match against Benfica with David Luis there.They are always an “unsong heroes”.Look at this:-
    Makelele,Mascharano,S.Busqet,Tiote,Carrick,Matarazzi,Gatuso,Barry&Parker,etc.how constant are they infront of the goal? Mikel is a converted DM from CM.So,to see the best of him play him as a CM.

  5. Adewumi ojo says

    If mikel should leave chelsea it will definitely b a great loss,mikel has being an unsung hero in chelsea,if he leaves den d fans will c what he has b contributing..well only essien can replace him but essien is getting old.hope dis will not affect chelsea

  6. Daniel Ikoi says

    It will be a big mistake and a great disaster to sale John Obi Mikel with clear fact that there are no possible replacement for him considering the age bracket of Essien and strengt level of Oscar . He may not be a regular scorer but he does a fantastic job you will not know his value until his is out, don’t sale him

  7. cmon you blues says

    It makes sense.

  8. Prince Darrell Uchechukwu says

    I dont believe on this romour, it will be a great loss for Chelsea if they mistakingly sell Mikel

  9. christopher law says

    i know obi mikel is not that fast like ramires and other fast defensive midfielder but he is the best in that role. Esien can not play that role the way he do. If mikel is not there, the defense line is pressurized and do a lot of work. If mikel leaves, it can never be the same for chelsea.

  10. Ade Sam says

    It’s very interestng 2 here this. Well, in my lnguage there’s this adage says 20 chldrn cn’t play 2gether for 20yrs. In life there’s a time 4 a chnge. I wsh Mikel all the bst in his career.

  11. Nurudeen Deenii says

    Guys! Let be realistic john mikel is the most vital player we have in club, because he play according to instruction the coach gave him to play. So we don’t expect him to score, but we expect him to distribute ball to the right places.

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