You have to laugh at the Cole injury

Not in a bad way of course, the loss of Cole is significant but I cannot be the only person that guessed that this would actually happen.

The minute the Terry/Bridge scandal hit the media I said to myself that it will be sods law that Ashley Cole will get injured.

There was always the possibility that Wayne Bridge was going to be a squad player but with Cole fit the chances of him ever playing in the same team as Terry were going to be slim, not now though.

This situation will now take some serious man management skills from Capello and there is still the chance that Bridge will refuse to play for England with Terry anyway.

From our own point of view losing Cole is bad, we needed him and while we have decent back up, it is nowhere near as good as having Cole in the team.

Add to that the Terry situation and we can find ourselves short in defence, not something we needed really.

But we are strong enough to overcome the current defensive issues so not really concerned if truth be known.

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