Zhirkov – Chelsea's defence is better than Man Utd's!

The Chelsea defender Yuri Zhirkov has never played at Old Trafford before, but is looking forward to playing against an old adversary from the Russian League, Nemanja Vidic. He remembers always winning against his team, so he is looking forward to carrying on his record again today.

He also believes that Man Utd v Chelsea is one of the biggest games in the world.

“Effectively it is a game for first place in the table, so it is like a final,” Zhirkov said. “It is probably the biggest game in the world on the day. I cannot say it is the most important one I ever played in, that is always the next one that is coming.”

“I was at the Luzhniki Stadium in 2008 for the Champions League Final, it was a good game, two of the largest teams in the world playing, so it was more than worthy of a final.

“I didn’t know then that I would be here, and I wasn’t thinking about where I would be going. I have only been to Old Trafford to watch CSKA Moscow play there, so I have not played there yet, but every player would like to play at such a place.’

Zhirkov played at CSKA Moscow, and Nemanja Vidic played for their local rivals Spartak Moscow, and Yuri has good memories of facing him.

“We always used to win,” he said. “He is now considered to be one of the top defenders, but I think our defence at Chelsea is slightly better than Manchester United’s.”

I hope you are right Yuri!

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