5 Reasons Why Chelsea Will Win The Premier League Next Season

1. Little horses turned thoroughbreds

Last season was a transitional period for the club with the return of Jose Mourinho for good and shuffling of the squad. Juan Mata had been the centre of the team and the team was developed around him. Mourinho shipped him out and that changed everything. By the end of the season they were a formidable force and would have won the league if not for the unprecedented losses to a few lower ranked clubs in the league. The little horses came up with impressive displays against all the top clubs and might have been overconfident when playing the lower ranked teams.

2. The midfield duo

With the signing of Cesc Fabregas, the midfield position which was a bit weak apart from Matic, has been strengthened. Ramires and David Luiz, who occasionally handled the defensive midfield position, were both giving underwhelming performances. Cesc Fabregas had created the most number of chances for the club in La Liga last season. With him pairing with Matic it will be wonderful sight to see him linking play with the defence and attack.

3. Depth in defence

Mourinho had deployed Cesar Azpilicueta, a natural right back, in left back position last season. Even though Azpilicueta did a wonderful job and was instrumental in conceding the least goals by any team in the premier league. This coming season Mourinho will be probably rotating mainly Terry, Cahill, Azpilicueta and Ivanovic in centre back and right back. If Kurt Zouma and Ake are not loaned out then the pool of talent for Mourinho to choose from will be enormous.

4. Goalkeeping options

According to Mourinho the best goalkeeper in the world and the best young goalkeeper are at his disposal. Chelsea is sure to field Courtois as the man in front of the goal at least at the start of season and see how he fares in the premier league. With Peter Cech refusing to go down without a fight, the healthy battle between them on the pitch is only going to benefit the club. They have never had such fierce competition in their respective clubs up until now and that is why this season is going to even better for the blues in terms of goalkeeping excellence

5. Diego Costa

One of the main reasons for premier league slipping away from Chelsea’s hands was the misfiring trio of strikers up front who were unable to convert a tonne of chances and half chances that were created by the young and creative players like Hazard, Oscar and Willian.  The signing of Diego Costa, is going to change Chelsea for the better. It is a move that is going to have at impact at so many different levels. If he is able to bring his form at Atletico Madrid to the EPL, then Chelsea is sure to win the Premier League, coupled with that the support from Didier Drogba, Torres and even Lukaku, if he decides to stay, will surely give the Chelsea attack a new dimension and answer all critics of the defence oriented game that Chelsea played last term.

With all these shrewd signings and decisions made by Mourinho, there is no doubt that the little horses have become the thoroughbreds that are going to win the race.

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  1. Jake says

    You boys need to get on the wagon and realize that Lukaku is already gone.

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