A Look At Chelsea's Yellow Away Kit For Next Season

Louis Saha just scored us the fastest goal in FA Cup history, 25 seconds and we were already down 1-0 in our FA Cup final against Everton. Our only trophy to claim as the season had come to an end. A disappointing league season started under Brazilian World Cup winning coach, Luiz Felipe Scolari whose contract was terminated and Russia’s coach -at the time-, Guus Hiddink had taken the job to help steady the ship. Hiddink had just taken us to another UEFA Champions League semi-final where luck was massively against us and refereeing perhaps as we exited the competition following a 1-1 draw to Barcelona and so having secured Champions League football for next season, the FA Cup was all we could try to savour, to celebrate a massive turnaround that season.

Well, what a turn around it turned out to be, Didier Drogba equalized in the 21st minute before Frank Lampard secured victory in the second half with a delightful trade mark strike. We went on to win our fifth FA Cup trophy in our yellow away jersey.

Since then we haven’t worn that colour and this season it has been confirmed that is the colour for our away kit. In fashion sense, our blue boys didn’t look any bad at all in it, it’s not hideous in any way, it fits just like the blue but we all know that doesn’t matter, it’s the performance that does.

There’s always some kind of superstition about what jersey we are wearing, which one is bad luck and which one is good and sometimes it’s almost unbelievable how true it seems. There’s always that wrong feeling you get when you see your club step out in unfamiliar colours, in this case yellow, but we are trusting this season wouldn’t go in the manner that season went.

With Jose back in charge after a first trophy-less season, it’s unlikely we would go trophy-less twice in a row; in fact since Roman took over in 2003, we have never had a back to back trophy-less season. Although trophies matter so much, team performances should also be just as important. It’s very rare to have an abysmal team performance then win a tournament, very unlikely, though it’s been done, however, one would be hoping performances in the yellow away kit would be just as pleasurable as the ones in the home blue kit.

Looking over our shoulders, rivals Man. United will be using a dark blue kit as their away outfit, London rivals, Arsenal are following our trend of a yellow away kit, not their first time either, Liverpool are also going yellow away –not their first time as well- while Man. City are going in an ash/greyish look which has become kind of familiar with them. Hopefully we out do all of them in all kits, including the alternative one. Roll on the new season!

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