Abramovich donates damages won from libel case to charity

Left ashamed, mistaken, sorry (and probably fired!), the editor of La Repubblica (the Italian newspaper) is extremely sorry he decided to approve an article that publicly accused Roman Abramovich of having a gambling problem.

The Russian billionaire and Chelsea owner, Abramovich, was alleged to have lost his luxury 500,000 Euro yacht in a friendly poker game. The article also stated that (allegedly) Abramovich and his long term partner, Dasha Zhukova, suffered a crisis in their relationship as a result of Abramovich’s gambling problem.

If that was not enough to humiliate the owner of Chelsea, the article went on to claim that Abramovich is now gambling online. Abramovich sued the newspaper and said he suffered embarrassment and distress on account of the article. The publication apologized, and promised to pay the damages.

Surprisingly, the amounts awarded in the damages were donated to charity….

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