Ancelotti – Ferguson ignored us after Chelsea's win at Old Trafford!

The Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti told today about how pig-ignorant Alex Ferguson was last season when Chelsea beat Man utd at Old Trafford on the way to winning the Premier League title.

“Our success at Old Trafford was the one that got us the League title, even though in the end Ray Wilkins and I were forced to drink to our victory alone,” said Ancelotti.

“As is the tradition, a few minutes after the final whistle we went to Sir Alex’s room to drink the usual glass of wine. We walked in, and silence reigned.

“He sat there staring at a television screen; the set was tuned to a horse race, his greatest love.

“We were strictly relegated to the background, to some place beyond and behind the background.

“We stood awkwardly for a while without saying a word, uncertain what to do, and finally did what we had come to do. We drank a glass of wine, to our own health. Bye-bye.

“Even though I won the three games I played against him that season, I still consider Ferguson to be a master of soccer, an example I have always looked up to, in some ways, unattainable. (Unattainable in the sense that I don’t have a passion for racehorses.)”

Now who would have thought that Sir Alex was a bad loser lol!

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