Ancelotti – It's impossible for Chelsea to lose concentration

Carlo Ancelotti has refused to get involved in any “mind games” with Sir Alex Ferguson, who was quoted as saying that Chelsea have an easy game at home to Bolton this evening. He maintains that Chelsea just have to retain the concentration that has seen them win their last four games easily.

“At this moment of our season, nobody can lose his concentration or determination to win the title – only us – but I think that’s impossible that can happen,” Ancelotti said.

“I’ve never done mind games. I hope that Alex is correct but I think every game is difficult. It’s mind games.

“Ferguson is clever. On paper, we are favourites against Bolton but only on paper. We need to go out and achieve this.”

“I would like my players to think it’s a very, very important game; maybe the most important game of our season,” Ancelotti said.

“The title is in our hands. We have worked all season to be in this situation. This has happened not because we were lucky, but because we worked very hard every day all season.

“There is no possibility that my players will lose their concentration. Chelsea want to win this title because we deserve to win this title. Until now, we’ve done better than the other teams.”

A win tonight will leave Chelsea as clear favourites to take the title with a four point gap over the reigning Champions, and a superior goal difference if they do drop any points in the last four games.

Come on lads, concentrate!

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