Ancelotti promised funds in January to strengthen Chelsea

The Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti has revealed that he had an indepth conversation with the Blues owner Roman Abramovich, and he has got his full support in this difficult time.

“I don’t fear for my job,” Ancelotti said. “I feel I have the total support of my players, which is very important. I feel I have the total support from my club.

“For these reasons, I don’t have fear. I am an optimist that everything will be okay for this season.

“I spoke to the owner after the game on Wednesday and we spoke about what we can do in January,” said Ancelotti.

“If we need to improve our squad in January, we’ll be able to do this.

“The owner is available for us to do this.

“But now’s not the time to think about this. We have to play with these players against Tottenham.”

Ancelotti also revealed that Frank Lampard will not be in the squad at White Hart Lane as he still needs one more week of training, but with Man Utd and Arsenal coming up this month as well, he will be sorely needed very shortly if Chelsea are going to rescue their season….

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