Ashley Cole Won't Be Charged over Training Ground Shooting

The Chelsea defender Ashley Cole will escape charges over shooting an intern with an air rifle at the Blues’ training ground. Carlo Ancelotti backed the player publicly, and now the police have decided to drop their investigation into the incident ,which happened on the 20th of February at Chelsea’s Cobham training facility.

The Guardian reports that the student, Tom Cowan, did not press any charges against the left-back and after an investigation by Surrey Police it was decided to close the investigation.

The story was broken by News of the World but Chelsea claimed they were already investigating the matter themselves. The club said that Cole would face internal discipline amounting to a fine but that the player would not be prevented from playing any games. The player also apologised to the intern, his team-mates and the club.

Carlo Ancelotti had revealed his disappointment in the behaviour of the player but that the club would support him in the aftermath of the incident. He also said Cole was: “one of the best professionals”.

Ashley Cole has played in the victories over Manchester United and Blackpool since the shooting incident happened.

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