Bayern Munich And Chelsea Set To Do A Swap Deal – Reports

According reports surfacing today, Chelsea and Bayer Munich are looking at the possibility of arranging a swap deal involving each of their star players, David Luiz and Mario Mandzukic. This report has led to increase in Chelsea betting on Manduzkic even as Diego Costa is reportedly close to joining the blues.

Both Chelsea and Bayer Munich fell at the semi-final stage of the Champions League to embarrassing defeats to Madrid clubs Atletico and Real and both clubs are already looking to next season.

Jose Mourinho is on the lookout for a proper target man and Mario Mandzukic is in such mould, regardless of his no-show performances against Real Madrid. The 27-year old Croatian striker is also a proven goalscorer with 29 goals in 42 games this season and under Mourinho’s tutelage he can become more nightmarish for defenders to confront.

Similarly, Pep Guardiola is looking to add a mobile and fearless centre back to his squad. A centre back who can drive the team forward from defence with or without the ball a la Pique at his all-conquering Barcelona and Pep has identified 27-year old David Luiz as the ideal player to fulfill the role. David Luiz has been more of a utility player under Mourinho but is exactly the type of player Pep Guardiola favours in his famous tiki taka system.

Both managers are looking to dispense of their star men as they do not seem to fit their systems and a swap deal could really be reality.

Personally, I do not think we need Mandzukic if we are getting Diego Costa. Both players are similarly and if we must sign 2 strikers this season, the second one should be someone faster and useful for a plan B.

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    cost is bettre mazigic as second option

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