Benitez: Chelsea players have no fight

Rafael Benitez has claimed this week that the current crop of Chelsea players have no fight and no character.

The Spaniard believes the Chelsea team is lacking in the leadership qualities needed to push the team forward.

Chelsea manager Rafa Benitez came to his conclusion on the state of his squad in the aftermath of their 3-1 defeat to West Ham, stating that they have less character when compared to the side that Jose Mourinho managed.

The Spaniard has overseen two 0-0 home draws and now a defeat in his first three games in charge, a spell which sees them extend their run of eight matches in the top flight without a victory since beating Tottenham 4-2 back in October.

The loss to Sam Allardyce’s side saw the European champions slip even further behind league leaders Manchester United, with the gap increased to 10 points, and Benitez feels that they made it far too easy for their opponents, before admitting that he may have to rush captain John Terry and Frank Lampard back from injury now as a result.

“Normally when you lose, you are not happy but I was angry,” he told reporters. “We did not manage their physical game, the long balls, the second balls, the corners. We gave them too many options to play their game and we could not be comfortable in possession.

“That is when you have to show character and quality — and we did not do that. Character and leadership is always necessary in a team.

“Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea team had a lot of character but it is a different time now.

“Terry will train part of the session on Monday so, hopefully, will be close, although with the knee you never know. Frank will train on Monday as well. Sunderland? We will see.

“I will talk with them and then the doctor afterwards. Normally I wouldn’t play them if it was not necessary but a lot of players can play with problems. It depends on the risk but character and leadership are necessary in a team.”

He added: “We have young players in their first year in the Premier League. They have talent and quality but you still have to show that on the pitch.

“If you cannot cope with the physical demands of the game, you cannot show your quality so we have to give them confidence.

“I’ve not had too much time in training every day but we will try to adjust things.

“They are experienced players, they’ve won the Champions League and a lot of trophies but they have to show that character and they need confidence to do that.

“Some players might show character but if one or two are not at that level, the whole team suffers. That is what happened in the second half at West Ham.”

According to Rafa, we have an unfit, trim squad, full of players with no fight, no confidence and no character. Is it just me or is Benitez running out of excuses? The ‘fat spanish waiter’ is buying time to keep his job, and has no real idea on how to fix things. Chelsea now have two Spaniards destroying Chelsea from its core. Chelsea need to make some changes quickly…

  1. Jaymac says

    This is a very good and important information to those who want all the players in Chelsea team to be 21-23 years of age, that is the result you’ll certainly get when your team are constituted mainly by U 21 players. Playing in the game of men is never an easy task it needs experience and endurance as well as strength that was why FIFA instituted under age games to enable these immature class of players to get maturity and experience. Chelsea would be so stupid to let players like Frank Lampard,Ashley Cole and Terry to leave the club,when even much bigger clubs in terms of achievements such as Real and ManU are all after these players, that’ll prove how stupid the management of Chelsea Club really is,if they let these experience class of players to go and be replaced by all immature players.Yes I was wondering why it has become so easily for Chelsea players to be dispossessed of balls in their controls most of the time,now Benitez has got the answer they lack the strength and the will to fight which is accumulated with time and experience!

  2. Emeka okeke says

    I think Benitez is correct.the Chelsea players can’t fight like others in epl. I think frank and Terry with Joe are still important in our team.

  3. adex says

    Chelsea need drogba,malouda back in d squad and also raul.m without these guys i fear blue’s future is not bright. In short Beni u are right

  4. billy says

    Bernitez dos nt v a clue abt wot chelsea is sufferiÑ. Was it nt d same players dat won d cl n fa cup???? D players r jst lagn morals cos de v bin subject 2 series of managers wit different idiology. Hw cn de cope wen de r nt even sure d strategy of d manager wld b implemented cos he wld gt d bot ani tym soon!!! Its natural de v lost d fliar of fut bal

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