Carvalho and Deco change their tune and rejoin Ancelotti's Chelsea

Carlo Ancelotti inherited two very unhappy players in Deco and Carvalho when he took over at Stamford Bridge, but it seems that he has now won them back and they are intending to try and fight their way back into the reckoning at Chelsea.

Just a few weeks ago it looked like the two Portugese internationals were destined to join Jose Mourinho at Inter Milan, and they both voiced their displeasure at the way they had been treated by Chelsea last season, and even when the deal fell through they still said they wanted to leave. Thankfully that unhappiness seems to have disappeared.

Both players were given game time during the successful trip to America, and Carvalho was even made captain for the last win over Club America. He said after the game: “Last year was the worst year I have had but how could I forget that I had four great years here before. Last year I was unlucky – I got a problem and I never recovered completely and it was a frustrating year for me. Now I look forward because I am fit and I am ready.”

Deco also had showdown talks with Ancelotti, and came out very pleased with his comments. He said: “I have talked with the manager,”

“We talked a lot about things, about the game, about what he thinks about the team and tactics.

“I will be here. I have a contract and I will do my best, wherever I am on the pitch.”

“The last season was difficult for me – I had many injuries,” he continued.

“You recover and get fit again and, straight after, another injury. I hope this season will be different. I’m happy to play.

“I hope I can show fans what I can do. I’m happy to be here. The club is good, the atmosphere around it is good. I like being here.”

So Ancelotti has succeeded in convincing two potentially very important players to stay with the program, and that is an early sign that he can keep his team happy and hopefully lead them to success in the months ahead.

John Terry echoed the good feelings about the new manager and the team spirit when he said: “The players have massively missed getting our hands on that Premier League title – we’ve been close and haven’t had that taste of it.

“This season we have a good feeling already. It is early days but we are playing well and that belief is back in the side.

“We ended last year on a high note and hopefully we can start well. Liverpool and Man United have lost big players, we haven’t – and we are looking to strengthen as well.”

He added: “Obviously a big signing would be fantastic but we have 25-26 players here who are more than capable of winning trophies for Chelsea.”

So congratulations to Ancelotti, and Terry is not the only one with a good feeling about the new season.

  1. Assin says

    We need Carvalho if hes at his best, but Deco? No way

  2. appotiarm says

    Ancelotti is talking the talk, but can he walk the walk?

  3. tom says

    If he can handle Deco he can handle anybody.

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