Cavani would like a move to Chelsea

Edinson Cavani is one of the most sought after strikers in football at the minute, but the reports coming out of Italy recently suggested that there was no chance of him leaving Napoli this summer. Chelsea have just received some encouragement in their bid to bring Cavani to Stamford Bridge from the Italian agent Mino Raiola.

“Cavani, if he could, he would leave immedietely, but the president is not easy in these matters.”

We know that Cavani is not going to come cheap but how many tried and tested goal scorers do these days? Napoli are not in the financial position to turn down  very good offers for their players, so it all depends on how much it will take, and how much Chelsea really want him.

It seems to be  a close run thing between Hulk and Cavani as to who Roberto Di Matteo is going to go for. The price for the two players will be fairly similar, but they have different playing styles. Cavani is an out and out goal score, whereas Hulk plays more as a second dtriker or coming in from the wing.

I, personally, feel that with Eden Hazard and Marko Marin already signed, it is the central striking position that needs cover.

  1. Dayo Ajisafe says

    Cavani should b bought pls. Even if it costs £100m. We nid such legs to win trophies

  2. hamzat taiwo says

    i prefer cavanni to hulk,roman shld bring cavanni to d bridge at all cost.

  3. Denkovie says

    Cavani is d right man 4 chelsea. We already hav stylistic players who will play behind him. So d idea of buying Hulk shud b ignored. Up chelsea! Chelsea till 2moro cos 2moro never die. Hahaha!

  4. Ayodele says

    I will prefare a mature player he we quickly adapt to premier league..chelsea 4life

  5. Gary says

    Chelsea definitely need a striker, but also a right wing. Cavani would be the perfect striker. If Hulk is then left out I would definitely go for Moura as an out and out right wing.

  6. Ali rawa says

    Hulk is beta

  7. aduak says

    i prefer cavani pace hulk, he is sharp striker

  8. Saint Abel says

    Cavani is more preferable ride on chelsea

  9. Bombay says

    Cavani is Like Drogba That is the Kind of player we need in Top 9

  10. Blaise says

    We ned him,dat kind prayer cfc need.EPL is hard league so we ned hard prayers like cavani.

  11. VICKY JUNIOR says

    we jst need cavani pliz not hulk

  12. Walex says

    Cavani is d best option 2 b d perfect striker in d front in not 2 feel drogba.pls abramovich help ooooo

  13. Olekanma Ebere Darlington says

    Cavani or no body. We need him on our squad by all cost. Roman get him now. Cavani and Torres up front; chelsea is a deadly

  14. Abdullah Tahiru says

    pls Abrahamovic as a concern fan of chelsea, It will do us good than bad if we have falcao or cavani to partner with Torres pls do what ever it take to get one of before the start of the season

  15. Alhassan yakubu says

    please Roman we need a deadly striker like E.Cavani he is fast and strong on the ball good in the air too let us forget about Hulk bring Cavani at all cost

  16. Felix/Dowell says

    We nid playr lik Cavani nd Hulk seriously b4 dis wk end, on time. Up blues

  17. eric says

    We nid hulk plss

  18. Eden hazard says

    We need cavani just pay the 70 million they want for him

  19. mackoblinkz says

    Cavani is more preferable,……..chelsea should do all it takes 2 get him

  20. mackoblinkz says

    Cavani is more preferable,……..chelsea should do all it takes 2 get him please

  21. Bishop King says

    Cavani is far better since Hazard and Marin even Oscar are now signed. Chelsea will want to play 4 -3- 3 so that they can make use of the new guys and if that will be the case, Chelsea doesn’t need Hulk to play wing anymore.All they need is a centre forward.This will assist Toress alot in case of injury or something.

  22. Chuks says

    Ya my people had said it all,cavani is the man vote 4 him to top as the main striker 2012/2013 premiership up chelsea up cavani nd torres 4 p.d.p hahaha

  23. Wel this is kind of crazy,cavani wil do us good,hulk may struggle,cuz he play in portugal wer he can bully defenders,but in italy thats not d we should all go for cavani,bt mind you RVP,facaul,are also good uptions. says

    Wel its kind of crazy,bcus in portugal,hulk gets the chance of bullying defenders,while in italy it’s a diffrent case,cavani is beta in all opinoins,but mind u RVP,Ramedel facaol are good uptions too.

  24. anyota says

    Cavani PLEASE!

  25. Adebayo adewale says

    Pls forget about hulk only cavani or falcao or nobody

  26. mohammed says

    chelsea need more striker because we can’t finish d whole season with only torres.
    cavani is d best striker, that’s d man for chelsea
    please get him before d season started whatever he cost

  27. sosy says

    come cavani come we can’t depend on goddess alone. plz plz

  28. calebson says

    Cavani please! chelsea forever

  29. Thabani says

    I think chelsea nid cavani he’s so fast æ dangerous infront ø e goal, go 4 cavani æ stop dis moses thing,

  30. Efe says

    Cavani if u want ucl again

  31. abayneh says

    Cavani plz,forget abt hulk. Blúe$ ûp! Again v.moses,if possible.

  32. Horlameedey says

    We need a player lyk cavani 2 top 9..plz roman get him @ all cost he s a player lyk Drogba nd we need som1 lyk dat….guyz we also need a player lyk Hulk also coz he s also a despirate player coz any player can fuckup @ any fuckin tym so Roman get dis dis guyz nd let keep d ball rollin in England “Hala Bluez”

  33. Elt25 says

    Dont get anyone of them. Torres is perfect for the position. Even Drogba said it himself, Torres is the man for chelsea. He is the one who is supposed to take that spot and get back in form and win us so man games. If you buy them to play as wingers, fair enough but Torres for striker. Toores4Life. Chelsea4Life

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