Cech believes Chelsea fans are getting behind Benitez

Petr Cech believes the hate towards Rafa Benitez is relenting, and Chelsea fans are getting behind the team after consecutive wins.

Cech said: “The atmosphere is getting better as the results and performances are getting better.

“You need results and better performances to get this pressure off the team and make the supporters happier. I think we are seeing it in a different way. We are on a good road now to changing that.

“I didn’t really notice what was being said.

“To be fair, when I’m on the pitch I have my zone, which is the barrier set by the goal-line and the touchlines.

“Whatever happens behind me, I don’t really pay much attention to.

“It’s not like I wouldn’t like the atmosphere. I can hear the atmosphere, I can hear the noise and if it’s big I know if the supporters are bawling or not.

“But I don’t know whether it is home or away fans, because I am in the zone – even my mum could stand behind the goal and I wouldn’t know she was there. I wouldn’t notice. I’m not watching.

“People say to me, ‘Did you see when I was waving at you?’ But no chance. I don’t see anything outside the pitch.

“I hear the noise, but I don’t concentrate on the crowd and what they are shouting and screaming.

“It’s easy for people from outside to speak about ‘drama’ at Chelsea, because they just see the games. But football is not about one or two games, it’s not about the past. It’s about the present and future and the hard work every day at the training ground.

“That is under-estimated. If something is changing in the team that’s not only because of one result.

“You need to have really good analysis of the team and you can only do that if you see the team working on a daily basis. Then you see the situation improving on a daily basis or not.”

Cech is an ideal professional, takes in the positive, and fights the negative. He will fight for Chelsea, and fight with Chelsea. He is never in the press for the wrong reasons and I could see him becoming a manager one day. Not many goalkeepers do, but he has something about him, he seems to manage the team on the pitch, as does Terry. These leaders are key to Chelsea. Cech future Chelsea manager?

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