Chelsea are still searching for a striker

You could forgive Chelsea fans for being exasperated. We thought that Brazilian international Hulk would have been a Chelsea player by now, but the deal seems to be far from complete. Salomon Rondon from Malaga could now br the next player to come to Stamford Bridge,

22-year old Rondon is a Venezuelan international who has been top scorer for the Spanish side in his last two seasons. He also has an impressive record of eight goals in 24 international games. His height and physique make him a potential replacement for the beast himself, Didier Drogba.

Porto president Pinto Da Costa, speaking on Portuguese radio, said “At this point there have not been any offers made….That is the truth, despite what the papers say about Chelsea and PSG.”

It is impossible to really know what is going on. Football transfer dealings are notoriously difficult, but do you really believe that Chelsea have not even spoken to Porto? Roman Abramovich has got millions of pounds burning a hole in his pocket and Chelsea have identified Hulk as their next acquisition.

It seems that Porto are being deliberately awkward, despite Hulk’s belief that he has an understanding with the club. Rondon is not the finished product that Hulk is but he is likely to cost about half of the £40 million that Porto are demanding for their star striker/winger.

Do you think we should abandon Hulk and settle for Rondon, or should Abramovich do whatever it takes to get the man he really wants?

  1. chelsea fan says

    we should get hulk he is the perfect replacement for drogba and wan der weil should come too because we need them !!

  2. Timlos says

    Maybe Hulk’s transfer will be one of those that happen on the last day of transfer window.

  3. Timlos says

    It should be Hulk or Cavani

  4. Oloyede says

    Let get hulk by all means, is what we need to replace Did-drogba.

  5. Rotex says

    I think Rondon is going to work more as a team than Hulk, while Hulk is a big boy Randon will fight for a place and that could mean good to the team. Randon will play nine and is going to be a good buy than Hulk becos chelseafc has wingers already.

  6. aduak says

    chelsea need more powerfull striker not hulk only

  7. kayode says

    Champions league, premier league, euro super, fifa club, fa, caring, community shield, who will score the goals in all these, torres has not gotten more than 15 in a season even at his peak

  8. blahblah says

    with 38 million , can we get Moses (8 million) Shurle (15 million) and Sahin (15 million)??? then i think dont go for hulk and do this business especially is Real is buying modric

  9. kayode says

    How many trophies do we intend to win this season? How many can we win with defensive game of last season? Eden hazard, marco marin are not enough to take us all d way, we need established scorers. Epl requires power players like hulk a lot of times to get difficult results. Buy hulk, get two of these german small boys of yesterday and see trophies rolling in from all angles this season

  10. me says

    adam johnson on the right, modric in the midfield,
    cavani striker as backup for torres,
    and we can forget about hulk!

    by the way so many players were released upfront,
    drogba, anelka, kalou, we need to replace them in numbers, right?
    so chelsea needs to buy a few to keep the team depth;
    better hurry up, as clubs are going to raise the price if chelsea buys!!

  11. tayo. says

    Rondon is good but hulk would be preferably better & we must do everything humanly possible to acquire him because is going to be a great asset and we the entire chelsea fans will not be wacthing our darling team under the influence of high blood preasure. Up Chelsea!

  12. johnson says

    hulk is the man we need 4 now.

  13. Sathya swami says

    I wish chelsea stops wasting their time and stepup a little.
    Following are the 3 players that are must this season: Debuchy, fellaini, Hulk…
    And few more that will help in squad rotation like moses, dzagoev and demba ba.

  14. Odukwu chinwekene says

    Let Roman get hulk or we r nt goin to carry any troph nest season pls

  15. yardley says

    abrohmovic shouldnt think about money at this time becuz chelsea need to fill the place of the drogba and they should go for talent that is hulk the person and abrhamovic should consider this is important and creative midfeilder like lucas we need not derossi or flamini from everton so please abrahmovic buy this guys becuz these are the future of chelsea please take it in to consideration

  16. Alan Frank says

    With Anelka and Drogba gone and hopefully Malouda, Sturridge and Kalou to folow them out of Stamford Bridge, Chelsea desperately need to sign more fire power. Unproven Salomon Rondon from Malaga is not the answer to take on the likes of City or United! Hulk would be a great acquisition as he can play as a winger or cover for Torres through the centre if the Spaniard is injured or rested. Adam Johnson could also be part of a swap deal involving Sturridge going back to City.

  17. Phillips Olubo says

    Hulk is the man for the job,if you want a job done well then get the professional,Hulk is the man to deliver those goals.

  18. chidi Peter says

    chelsea loose players like drogba, kalou, bosingwa and stil waisting time 2 find their replacement, hmmm they are kiding u dont waist time in getting such players like hulk, vic moses and right back van der wiel, these players so much feet chelsea cos they are strong, skillful also age is on their side.. Chelsea should nt gamble with dis young shot stopper thiboute coutoise, i dont comprehend d kind deal they agreed with athletic madrid

  19. delux says

    Roman abramovic should try and buy hulk bcoz he is the best replacement for our legend Didier Drogba den sign van der weil as a replacement for bosingwa and if possible Adam johnson.macechran should be taken back

  20. Edodi says

    Get Hulk as replacement fø̲̣r Drogba ,Van Der weal fø̲̣r Bosingwa , Vistor Moses fø̲̣r Kalou , Fellani then released Essen & malouda aπϑ exposed one player from †̥ђε̲̣̣̣̥ young team to stand in fø̲̣r Malouda or go aπϑ get Lucas Moura. Blend them an §ε̲̣̣̣̥ε̲̣̣̣̥ action

  21. mathias says

    chelsea should look for average playerz like moses and solomon and make a brand with the star player they have

  22. mathias says

    or else try barcelonas jesus navas and ncenca

  23. taye says

    Are we still pricing or watching, please Abramovich buy them now, Roman empire need more hit men. Up bues.

  24. Emmanuel says

    I don’t understand!!!!!!!!Are we getting hulk as a centre forward or as a right winger???????I would prefer we get hulk as a right winger,get moses as his back up,push ramires to centre midfield and get Nuri sahin as is back up,sign Cavani/falcao/lewandowski as the striker we are looking for…Thus my Own 25 man list for Chelsea would look like this:
    Goal keepers:Cech,Hilario and turnbull
    Defenders:Cole,bertrand,terry,hutchinson,cahill,luiz,ivanovic and azpliculeta/Debuchy
    Defensive midfielders:Mikel and Romeu
    Centre Midfielders:Ramires,Meireles and Sahin
    Attacking Midfielders:Lampard and Hazard
    Left Wingers:Mata and Marin
    Right wingers:Hulk and Moses
    Centre forward:Torres,sturridge and Lewandowski/cavani/Falcao

  25. awulonu chinedum says

    chelsea need hulk.fellani,deburchy,and if strurrige shld go back to city chelsea shld put adam johnson in the deal to help hazard and marin…….but chelsea shld get hulk if we need trouphy this season.

  26. Hadi says

    I thought the Hulk move to Chelsea was “90 percent complete” a month ago, I guess the media made it all up. We lost Kalou, Drog,and Bosingwa so for sure Hulk would be a great replacement for the attack as he is very versatile. I think what’s holding Chelsea back from offering for Hulk is his price tag, 40 million pounds is a lot but look at how much we spent for Torres without even thinking about it so Hulk for 40 million pounds is a bargain given how much we spent on Torres. We should also buy an experienced right back and Ivanovic in my opinion is not a right back. What if he gets injured? Who will replace Ivanovic at the RB position?

  27. bosun says

    Hulk will be a gr8 signin 4d blues let make a big move 4 anoda players lik adam johnson,lucas modric players re in dere dat we can brings 2d pitch nxt season…hurry blues

  28. nafees says

    chelsea need to buy hulk he is a fantastic player because we need to replace drogba so we need that quality player Rondon is not that quality striker …………. Hulk can play both as a forward and winger so he is better for chelsea.

  29. nafees says

    If chelsea like to buy a cm chelsea can buy Joso Mountinho or everton ace Flemini,,,,,,,,, i think not victor moses david junior hoilet is better option for us

  30. Reality says

    Hulk is a player chelsea nid to pursue by al means sahin is an average player lyk raul,bt ben Arfa wil du and rondon wil b a back up 4 torres.
    Van der wiel or debuchy as right back plus feliani we ar up to d task of anoda trophy laden season

  31. Ayamba christian says

    Lets sign hulk 1st, get debuchy 4 rb victo moses, modric 4 cmidf den we can now get lewandowsky as backup 4 torrez & buy falcao/ cavani in january when torres fail to deliver.

  32. Haribo says

    Chelsea really don’t need that many players, I think hulk and a right back will b it, maybe Moses but a front 4 of Torres, hazard, hulk & mata is enough. Also with Marin, sturridge and a good youth team any more is just being greedy. Ramires is going 2 b rated in top 5 CM in the world in the next few years aswell. Youth players need games. Lukaku!!!

  33. fidel says

    Guys,we need all the best players we can get.Look at Hulk,Modric(both should cost £85million but seriously worth it.we now add support like tiote(10m) and debauchy(15m).finished!we have options in the reserve-Mceachran,piazon etc.boy I wish Pirlo was younger,have you guys seen what this old warthug’s been doing in the Midfield at this Euros,My my!I would buy him even if for 3yrs.that guy is a midfielder.

  34. Storage says

  35. Destiny Nnaemeka says

    De bluez officials suppose understand dat Hulk is de rite man 2 replace Drogda. Pls, let dem get hulk 1st and go 4 Luka Modric if possible. We need stronge men dat can fight Man city and man U. Up bluez!!!!! Destiny Boy

  36. chelsea page says

    Please dont buy hulk and Please buy cavani

  37. sarin says

    bye falcao or huntelaar

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