Chelsea Eye Star Young English International Midfielder

Chelsea’s Andres Villas-Boas is going to continue his change-up at the club in January, and now the Portuguese manager has set eyes on Everton’s Jack Rodwell for a possible move in January.

Even though the Liverpool side doesn’t like the situation and want to keep their top players at the club instead of selling them to Premiership rivals, manager Moyes admits that outgoings are possible if the right kind of offers come in.

“I’ve always said if any club is going to come and try to take our better players, we don’t sell cheap. It’s expensive to buy from us,” he said recently.

If the transfer to Chelsea will go through Rodwell will have a tough time to impose himself with Mikel, Essien and Romeu all playing on the same position within the club.

Rodwell has finally made his debut for the senior English national squad and after that debut he can now go even bigger and claim a permanent spot within the team. In order to be able to do that he must join a team who can at least pretend to fight for the title, and Everton are still very far from that.

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