Chelsea have given Torres too many chances – No more please!

I watch every single Chelsea game but surely I can’t be the only one that thinks that Fernando Torres is an absolute waste of space. I don’t care how much we paid for him, he seems to have lost every iota of skill that he may have had in the past.

Every single game he plays in I simply know that when he has the ball he will try to dribble around 10 people rather than pass, and inevitably loses the ball every time. Every time he is one-on-one with the keeper he hesitates so much he can’t even take a shot! He OOZES unconfidence and is costing Chelsea points every time he steps ont the pitch.

Okay Daniel Sturridge is a bit greedy but at least he scores poacher’s goals, and surely he must be given a fair run of first team starts to see if he is worth persevering with. RDM must simply ignore Abramovich if he is forcing him to play Torres or we will see the manager himself lose his job by putting Torres on the pitch.

Now come on everyone, give me your honest opinion. Should we get rid of Torres now or keep watching him lose us game?

  1. MalaysianBlues says

    Absolutely! 7 goals in 17 appearances in all competitions? Bring us new no. 9.

  2. felix says

    Torres should go or sacked bcos he’s’of no use…maybe chelsea should sign a young striker to help solve our striking force. There are players who can do the job beter. I guess chelsea should play Victor Moses as striker instead of Winger.

  3. Fidel says

    Torres should have been given the boot long before now…the guy is useless!

  4. Lavue says

    Torres,useless strike, evry match he plays, we only realise a lot of misses. Chelsea should get rid of him like yeaterday

  5. Fabulous Blues says

    I strongly agree with your thoughts. i feel RDM should try Danny Sturridge if he does not impress then the option of at least trying Moses would be a very beneficial gamble if it works well. Torres loves himself to the extent that at times he forgets he is in a match. I felt he could have done more when we played liverpool coz its his former club and was supposed to punish them.

  6. Okpaks says

    Each time Chelsea play against any team with Torres i asume we play 10 against 11. RDM should pls start Sturridge or Moses as our main striker ahead of Torres.

  7. apostlepaul says

    Torres is really a waste in stamford bridge. I believe more than enough chances has been given to him but all to no benefit. we need another striker if we want to maintain our stance in the top four.

  8. emmanuel oyo-ita says

    Y d fuck is torres playing wen he can’t score a goal, y cnt mosses be used as a no9, wen he played der last season ending at wigan, nd scores goals in his short run-in. Y d fuck isn’t marko marin playing wen he is finally fit. If RDM wouldn’t be wise, let him get the boot.

  9. Kulwa says

    You have said it all.
    it is better his position is taken by adding another difender on the pitch as we have seen them scoring goals more often.

  10. zim blues says

    I complete agree there is no one on the field who is as small a threat with the ball torres. even our defenders cause more harm than Torres, he has been given one of the best midfields in the world and he still can’t score on a regular basis. he is costing us major points!

  11. aditya says

    i totally agree with you…!! i would put moses instead of sturridge as well.. moses has a strikers instinct and we should just give up on torres.. i have backed him week in and week out… but whats the point of backing a player who literally only plays for himself.. his attitude towards the game has changed.. he was the best at liverpool cause he was the only striker there.. very much like how suarez is performing!! and di matteo should give chance to marin before he leaves us.. 🙁 he can be a good player for us

  12. Wale Adegoroye says

    Your post is right on spot and nothing can be farther from the truth.
    Torres is absolute waste of investment and playing time. I agree that Sturridge is selfish with the ball, but he delivers when it matters most. We must get rid of Torres and acquire a clinical finisher in January transfer if we hope to win any title.

  13. Ben says

    I ave been waiting for this kind of opportunity to come…so i can talk about torres……my opinion about dis issue is…..let’s bench torres atleast for 4 games…let sturridge be our first choice for sometimes why torres should sit on the bench as a substitute….let us see how to tackle this situation…..but meanwhile chelsea still need to buy atleast two quality strikers when january transfer window re-open. Because we can’t rely our hope on fernando torres or Daniel Sturridge..

  14. Alexander says

    Torres is playing like another midfielder. We need much more simple man like Demba BA or somebody like him.

  15. Richards says

    Its high time chelsea has to move on without torres. He has lost that feeling we all knew. RDM should try playing without a striker if he can’t drop torres. Torres is a flop, the greatest flop in football history

  16. john ebi says

    Chelsea Should throw Away Torres and bring in falcao and bony Winifred cause Torres has finiShed from d injury he had When he WAs at Liverpool before coming to CHelsea . Chelsea should Sell Torres and sturridge in d January tranSfer

  17. donself says

    Torres might not be scoring but he is our best striker at d moment.yes he is a waste but he is far better off than that stingy sturridge. He plays more of a team football than sturridge which is what we need. The only solution for chelsea in not to replace him with sturridge but to buy to sell sturridge to any club that wants him and top the money and buy falcao before man city buys him the way they bought aguero away from us.

  18. otega says

    torres is a complete waste he shld be banned from the first team like malouda. By the way what are our youngsters doing on the bench and a whoopin €50 million mess is busy pulling the team backward. Enough is enough is eigther di matteo drop the idiot or he looses his job

  19. Tunde says

    I dont know what is wrong wit RDM by using Torres,chelsea now playing 10 againt 11,torres is out of d game.Pls we ned new striker,but be4 january convert Moses to standing9,he can do it.PLS FOR GOD SAKE DONT USE TORRES ANYMORE,IF U WANT CHELSEA TO WIN CUP DIS SEASON.

  20. olaniyan wale says

    what i notice about chelsea games,i can say is abranmovic is makin chelsea lose their point,bcos i see torres playn anything on pitch,abranmivic should allow RDM to introduce mosses top strike in one match if his not performe well he should commont him.

  21. John says

    The truth is Di Matteo might end up losing his job cos of Torres, Sturridge and his seldom non-tactical changes dat he makes.
    * Torres is no more d usual, while Sturridge is far from being there too. All in all, i advice we need 2 get a working Striker by January.

    * Finally, he shud watch hw he does his changes at tyms, which is key. No doubt Mata is a marvelous player but each time we play against teams that express power in wateva’ they execute during any given matches, Mata usually do not show off. Such team as Stoke City, Man-city, Liverpool, etc… A very good example is ystday’s match against Liverpool, it was obvious that Mata was almost always dispossessed wheneva’ he got rightly tackled but he (Di Matteo) chose to ignore that and forfeited Oscar’s right to play all thru’ evenn tho’ he was obviously in d game for him.

    He needs to address all these critically.

  22. rose says

    torres is a point man but he comes out to the wings to look for passes from mata and hazard when the oscar who plays in the middle behind him does more of box to box role than pick out split passes like a gerrard or scholes do. Hazard and mata are more effective in the middle behind torres than oscar so if i were rdm, i will shift oscar to the wings cos with a hazard or mata in the middle, torres wouldn’t have to drift out to the wings to look for passes so he’ll be able to concentrate on his primary role as a striker up front than being forced out wide bcos he doesn’t get the split passes from oscar in the middle behind him. But i really wish i could just fast forward time to january so that the transfer window can open and we can get another striker cos as terrible as torres is right now, sturridge too is not spectacular either so we are really short up front.


    TORRES is not a striker anymore let us look 4 another striker some one like FALCO or if FALCAO 2 expensive 4 us MAN CITY will ajjack him now and let go 4 CARLOS TEVEZ there d sAme in front of post

  24. Okwara charles says

    Why must we chelsea fans shout in pain and agony each time we watch a game? Why cant we enjoy the game like the fans of other teams? Torres is the most useless player in the chelsea team yet RDM wont foolishly understand that cuz he keeps playing the flop. Torres is tired of playing football and will only drag us backwards. Pls can some one take a look at man utd and their strikers? They are all scoring and the team is never drawing let alone losing a game. Chelsea has become so predictable to every team cuz they know if they mark oscar, mata and hazard, or game is closed down cuz we dont have a striker. Big shame to di matteo and torres!! They will leave chelsea the same day.

  25. sam says

    Then how come Torres still scores for Spain and won the golden boot in Euro 2012, how come he was scoring for L’poo. Chelsea think they are playing like Barca but the aint. They lack the vision when torres runs but by the end of the day when he doesnt score it only pile up more pressure,all coz of the midfield coz they are so busy playing 1-2 btwn themselves and only scoring form for themselves. Barca aint selfish! They supp their strikers ..

  26. set says

    Torres is so ineffictive and not respected. Liverpool played with 3 @ the back. Played 5 midfielfers in other to choke our midfield. Teams know that they only have our midfield to concentrate on in other to stop us. From the day I read we were going for Torres, I believe that was a waste.

  27. rose says

    torres nids serios deliverance.

  28. shoboy says

    pls mr torres is a waste,lets alw try to use moses or daniel.yes moses may be a winger but he plays as a striker at national stage

  29. set says

    I think Sam is watching different games. Not finding Torres. Dude are you serious? Mata, Oscar, Hazard Selfish? Smh. These guys do everything to try and find Torres. His making bad runs and at time seem like a spectator. Look at so many times Mikel try finding him and he don’t run. He can’t hold up a play to get others involve. How many successful dribble does he have?

  30. Bassey Eyo Effiong says

    pls is over 4 Tores ,we always played ten men agnts elevent men of other club

  31. caleb says

    Torres is an absolute short on the pitch. I still don’t know why RDM always plays him. Why can’t he (RDM) convert Moses to a short time striker, which I know he (Moses) will perform well. And moreover why did he buy Marin? Did he buy him for bench? Let give these guys some chances. In my own opinion I think RDM is giving himself green light of exist. Torres is a calamity on the pitch for Chelsea.

  32. Sale him out says

    Torres is a waste product lets sale him out

  33. tony says

    Its hi time chelsea drop Torress to the bench or rather cash on him if any club needs him. He has had a lot of chances to improve and its obvious he’s ain’t gonna improve. We need a strong n charp finisher not another MIDFIELDER like Torress.

  34. Damydiva says

    All we need is good shooter in january,RDM is d one dat spoil yestaday match,we only need 1 substitution which is torres 4 moses,nt oscar 4 moses,plz we dnt need torres on pitch anymore,onless if u want 2 lose ur job at chelsea

  35. Almahruf says

    I think its we let torres go get another striker nt dribler lik him. Up chelsea.

  36. Almahruf says

    I think its tim we let torres go and get another striker nt dribler lik him. Up chelsea.

  37. rose says

    sam, i really like your comment. I recently told some fans that mazacar do more of playing among themselves than looking to pick out torres’ runs. At the beginning of the season when it was only hazard and mata, torres had this perfect understand with hazard in the middle behind him and he scored 3goals in the first 4games but that changed ever since oscar came into the middle with hazard and mata shifted to the wings. I am not trying to justify torres’ flop because he obviously has a lot of improving to do but what sense does it make if a team has all the creative players, plays a 4 2 3 1 formation and the only striker on pitch still has to come to the midfield or drift out to the wings to look for balls for himself. Oscar has scored 4 goals in ucl but how many through balls has he played, how many assists has he made and how many key passes has he completed? It looks to me like oscar is doing more of box to box role like ramires than his supposed number 10 role who’s meant to be the back bone of a striker and that’s why torres is forced out to the wings.

  38. Ben says

    RDM…..Go get me Falcao and Bony….

  39. eric paul says

    what is chelsea waiting for? pls Torres has been given a thousand and one of chances but still, he cant prove himself. the player should be sold off immediately regardless of the amount. in business, u can lose and u can gain. Abramovic should stop trying to extract his 50 million pounds from him @the detriment of the team’s progress.

  40. Adeoye. Nigeria says

    why is Torres stil performing in spain if he’s not good. Chelsea midfielder should stop working as striker in order to concetrate on whoever that is upfront. Stop criticising torres.

  41. yardley says

    Toress is gone with liverpool only and since from last past 3 years he is searching for his form and chelsea got a chance of swapping with falcao and they lost it because on the faith on toress we also have faith in him but he is not showing the trust on the faith Please mr.dimatteo get us youn creative midfeider like ISCO he is more needed in the midfeild with ramires please dimatteo get this man we can get him at low cost and he is age is 20 he will get more improved dont buy fellani 25 million pounds is too much chelsea need to save money for the striking options beacuse we heard mancity is swapping falcao with dzeko and we have no options atleast we can buy bony and martinez it will be helpful beacuse we cant sell toress now beacuse his market price what chelsea has buyed him for 50 million pounds now in market his price will be 20-25 million pounds there was chance to swap but we didnt respond and please MR.abhramovic get ISCO and good strikers for chelsea and dimatteo we are losing points in the league and we are feard in champions league also we will struggle let marin, paizon also play beacuse hazard,mata,oscar should be fresh mix of these players will make oppontents struggle beacuse we can keep faith on toress but we cant trust whole toress beacuse he is not a match winer like van persie or falcao,or neyamar please dimatteo,and abhramovic buy ISCO and a good striker like martinez and bony africans has strength to dribble and power to shoot and we can get at low cost price and if we want to sell toress try to swap him we dont get a right valuation for him please dimatteo tell abhramovic to grant our wish

  42. senior says

    for the present chelsea mode of play now storrage is not beter than torres neither torres is good. What we need to do now is to change our information from 4 2 3 1 to 4. 6 or 5 . 5 information without striker and tel oscar to fal back a little and introduce mako marin for we know him as German messi and make sure we sign facao jan

  43. ONYEKA says

    Torres shouldn’t be a household name any longer at the bridge. His acquisition was damn too costly,but we’ve got to move on or4 we lose on

  44. Ben says

    Rose and Sam , I like your comments but I’ll try to dispute you guys … What you don’t know is that , This Hazard you are talking about is an ordinary player that trying to improve . He himself needs assist talkless of assisting Torres. You said when there was no Oscar/when it was only Hazard and Mata , Torres scored 3goals ? Well its true but do you realize Chelsea never played against a big team during his 3goals ? The teams were Reading, Norwich and Newcastle United. Our first Big match the was Atletico Madrid and see the way we were beaten without oscar, and did you see Oscar’s first game against Juventus ? Ever since the Newcastle , I have never seen Hazard making any spectacular move since then…. please guys, think deeply about that .Torres is GONE!!!! And he will never return still wearing the blue shirt. well Di matteo is not that daft, he knows the right thing to do . All I think is Roman has mandated Torres in the starting xl and it will never change until he gets another striker he wants . If you(Dimatteo) know you can’t do without Torres , please change the formation to 4-3-3 or 4- 4- 2. Hazard and Mata should support Torres in the 4-3-3 , Oscar behind them and Ramires and Mikel behind Oscar just the way Makelele and Essien use to support Lampard during the Mourinho era. And in the 4-4-2 , Hazard supporting Torres while oscar and mata inter changing both wings in the midfield, ramires and mikel blocking for them. Hazard will be getting the ball from Oscar and Mata playing up to Torres . What do you think of these guys ? I think its a solution to 4-5-1 . And if these don’t work , then Chelsea needs a better striker

  45. menakachi chima says

    Without sentiments I think torres is the problem.he can’t assume striking role cos he miss fires,lacks strenght,confidence and calculative positioning.torres could fit in as striker assist ,that is 8, or be a winger due to his dribbling skills.again, mikel is good but not good enogh.I hate his pace and back pass,perharps he is dull like moses.we need creative,energetic,skillful,strong and hard defensive mid fielder. I think ramires can do dat, then we get fellani or ben arfa to play ramires wing.dat will be marvelous.we seriously need full left back cos bertrand is never good,and we need to always play cahil and ivanovic in place of luiz who doesn’t defend well again. We need to always sub torres with young piazon not selfish sturidge till january wen we will land falcao.again dimateo should always put marin he is a star and advice moses to be marking ball and also create impact with speed and accurate dribbling not dulling the ball with little impact. Finally ,our players should be defensive conscious and see all match as finals.they should try and utilize chances not being selfish like sturidge and mata sometimes.chelsea should have a die hard fighting spirit…like man u…they should be relentless till final whistle…also dimateo don’t be foolish to be playing torres always,try moses,sturidge,and piazon upfront and bench torres somtimes.try and use dat germarn mercy marin, he is even better dan harard in pre season.why can’t we use him?why did u buy him?we should be rotating the automatic role for anyone…

  46. zizi says

    nigerians advocating for moses to play the lead striking position just because he scored the winner against shaktar and mostly because he’s nigerian. Does he have the qualities to play in that position? He scored 6 goals or thereabout for wigan all season. Is that the stats for a man u want to lead the line for chelsea or you just want to feel good about yourself.i am not berating moses.i think he has great potential bt for leading the line. no way.Torres is the best striker in chelsea.he’s two footed and way better than sturridge.If any solution id say we buy Neymar in place of falcao for that huge 45 million.

  47. Finals says

    Wot else can I say, bt wot bafalls me most is hw all chelsea fans knws dat torres is so useless and d coach cnt see it. Maybe he is prepared to go. Its better we field 10 players dan play with torres. Am seeing disaster coming with d coach’s continual usage of torres. I cnt believe a big club lyk chelsea cnt afford a decent striker. Its a shame!

  48. mike inas says

    To bring this isues to an end
    I have said this over and over
    Torres need to be out of stamford bridge i dont even want to see him in blue shirt anymore!!!!!
    Secondly did we bought marko marin to be sitin on the bench? di di matteo is killing this guy form
    What kind of a coach is he?
    If he cant play moses or oscar in force9 then di matteo has to step down for pep guardiola
    Now manchester united are three point clear on the top just because of our storbon coach
    U should introduce new player to force9 or u lose ur job

  49. Eddie says

    Consensus is Torres needs to be replaced,and also transition between attack-defense–attack must improve.
    Suggestion to RDM/Roman, if falcao not cost effective,go get Wiiliam(great strike + all around) paulinho/fellaini(transition)bony “deputy striker”. Wallace good signing.

  50. Victor says

    Di mateo should be SACKED IF HE DNT KN HEZ job,wit tores am nt sure we wil win any trophy dis season

  51. olumide says

    ohh my God!!! to me, i dnt ve any blame concerning tores, though we nid hottest striker. if u r a correct fans, u knw it is very possible for a player 2 get 4m dis season, and may lose it next season. to say d fact, if i were 2 b chelsea coach, it seems tores is gud in assist, rather than playing dat 9. tores is a gud player, and d spirit is still thr. but is left for Dimateo 3 knw wat he will do 4 him, is nt cmpusry he play dat 9.

  52. jay says

    ur right man even terry , cahill and luiz score more than him -_-‘

  53. jay says

    u can better let one of them play as strikers

  54. caleb says

    Hi guys u’ve said it all and me too as abig fan of chelsea fc isuggest that torres is of no use @chelsea just to remember his statement” i never cared wether chelsea win or loses” just imagine it and compare 4 drogba’s while we plays avery important much, “i must score” .then figure it out, who the player that even gives midfielders morale to da main striker wid thru passes. What i have to say in short is that i hate torres n wenever i just see him in da squard i can predict final scores as alose or adraw pls rdm just try moses as amain striker wether it means you to b sacked dont b afraid of boss fans are even poweful to retain u ur job than boss. N pls to mr.abramovich we dont need torres anymore n if u want him u go ahead n employ in adifferent sector of companies but not football anyway all we want as fans, is striker who is hungry for goal let torres to try somewhere else. I’m realy angry with you employers for forcing rdm to choose torres as 1st 11 den final result is coach is fired. Let asure you boss ds tym round we dont need coach anymore u just buy 4dem players dey want n forget about choosin 4dem de 1st 11 let dem do it its dea job not urs pls….

  55. udo enyinna says

    Even if chelsea brings in sturriage or Moses in the middle or buys all the best strikers in world,…and the 3 creative midfilders keep on playing the tip-tap between themselves instead of a good and effective split passes…..its still gonna be same story of non performance for central striker we may have PERIOD!!!!!

  56. chibuzom says

    Im tired of watching that Torres cost us points week in,week out…Pls,let us get rid of him as soon as possible.Falcao all the way.

  57. am says

    No Striker in the entire world presently will play like Torres and still command first Team position.Just list all the Striker in the EPL first and list their gaols since Torres joined Chelsea. Roman bought him mainly to tap from the Media hype he had because of Liverpool.You don’t have automatic Media support as a Chelsea Player hence when Torres got criticised in his new Team,he went into depression.Imagine the injustice when he was being hyped as a Drogba replacement.He even shamelessly commented that he would fare better as Drogba has left.What has happened now? Those who campaigned that he was not being fed the Ball enough need to cover their heads in shame.Despite Hazard,Oscar,Mata etc,Torres is still a no match Winner.Enough please!

  58. oluwafemi says

    Rafa pls go, tell chelsea owner 2 call RMD back.

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