Chelsea hold private talks

Bruce Buck yesterday held a secret meeting with Mark Clattenburg and around 15 of his refereeing compatriots.

Bruce Buck travelled to the new National Football Centre at St George’s Park to try and clear the air somewhat with not only Mark Clattenburg, but nearly all officials who officiate in the Premier League, referee’s chief Mike Riley and Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore.

Part of the discussion related to Mark Clattenburg taking control of a Chelsea game in the near future.

The Chelsea chairman also explained the clubs actions, with all the information received and guidance the club were given.

Chelsea have been subject to a lot of criticism, in particular for failing to apologise to Mark Clattenburg in their official statement after the FA ruled that the referee had no case to answer.

Both the FA and Chelsea FC are expected to release statements on the subject today, but early reports suggest the talks went well.

I will personally be happy for us to finally put this behind us, and get back to focusing on our game, which has lacked since the game with Manchester United. But the question is how professional will Mark be when he comes face-to-face with John Obi Mikel or Ramires again?

  1. Idowu adewole zaria says

    D fa nd refs knws d true story. Jst dnt want 2 tanish d emage of d fa cos of what fifa wld say in d wake of d terry saga. Poor FA. Repent nd be baptised jst lik d italian serea A

  2. Idowu adewole zaria says

    I hate d Fa,i hate abrahimovic,i hate benitis. D only guy i love rit nw is mikel

  3. Dave says

    It would be great to see this years bad press behind us and good to see Bruce Buck talking to the officials. I think the club did right in reporting it, would have been slated for not backing the anti-racism issues if they didn’t…no win situation really. I hope Mark is professional enough to move on and officiate his next Chelsea game as soon as………with a pre-game handshake with all concerned to put things on the level with the press and media who no doubt would love the opportunity to stir up problems again!

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