Chelsea In DEEP Trouble – The Latest Development On Mourinho Vs Carneiro Case

Eva CarneiroMany football fans have linked Chelsea’s current bad form to the early season row between their Manager Jose Mourinho and former Team doctor, Eva Carneiro.

The two disputing sides has headed to the legal tribunal and the case is expected to be resolve in the first month of the new year.

The working relationship between Mourinho and Carneiro have being growing from bad to worse. Mourinho accused Carneiro of having no knowledge about the game, when she ran into the pitch to attend the injured Eden Hazard during the 2-2 draw with Swansea on August 8, 2015.

Although the FA had already cleared Mourinho of any offfences, Carneiro is accusing him of sexual discrimination and wants to be reintall as the team doctor.

A legal Tribunal will be held on the January 6, 2016.

Sky sports reported that the legal hearing will take place at London South Employment Tribunal in Crydon, rather than Central London Tribunal, has Chelsea’s training ground in Cobham falls under the Crydon jurisdiction.

It was also reported that the hearing will include  emails and messages sent by Carneiro and Mourinho, as well as anyone connected to Chelsea.

Sky sport further reported that: “The legal hearing, which is expected to last for two hours, will be held in private infront of a senior Judge. If an agreement cannot be reached by both side then a new date will be fixed for the full tribunal hearing and it’s most likely after the conclusion of the ongoing season, probably the first or second week of June.

To be honest, the chance that Carneiro and Mourinho will ever be able to settle their differences and work together is almost zero.

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