Chelsea legend Lampard admits he may have to leave

Chelsea legend Frank Lampard fears he may not play on at Chelsea past the summer, with no talks of a new contract planned as yet.

Lampard is keen to stay on at Chelsea, but doesn’t know if he is a part of Chelsea’s plans for next season.

He has been linked with various clubs all around the world, from Los Angeles Galaxy to Paris Saint-Germain, to teams in China and Russia but believes he has more to offer the Premier League.

‘Maybe things don’t last for ever,’ said Lampard, who joined Chelsea from West Ham for £11million in 2001. ‘Although I want it to last for ever, you have to be big enough to know what it is.’

When asked about contract talks, he added: ‘There’s nothing planned as far as I know. There have been no talks about an extension. ‘The ball is in Chelsea’s court. I’m a Chelsea player, as simple as that. I’ve had a great, great time here.’

Lampard came off the bench against Monterrey as Chelsea earned a place in the Club World Cup final yesterday.

It was his second appearance since returning from a calf injury, but he insisted he was ready to start.

In Yokohama, Benitez chose to play centre half David Luiz in central midfield ahead of Lampard, who was clearly disappointed.

‘I was ready to start, it was the manager’s decision,’ said the 34-year-old. ‘I’m not the kind of player to see out my time and sit with my bum on the bench too much. I want to be involved. I will keep trying to do that, whatever the circumstances.

‘I can’t predict anything but I feel like I have two or three years at least in me at the top level. It is not for me to decide. Whatever happens, I’ve had a great time at Chelsea. I am determined to play a few more years.’

Lampard added: ‘I wanted to be here. I relapsed last time I came back too early. I wanted to be with the lads and in the competition. It feels good.

‘This is a final now, a very prestigious competition which the club have never won, which not many English teams have won. We have a number of trophies available this year and it’s important to make sure we get our first one.’

Frank Lampard should be given a one-year extension. He has been a loyal servant to Chelsea for years and is still able to play at the highest level.

I have no doubt that Lampard will earn an extension. With him being at the club, he not only adds to the playing squad, but will have a positive effect on the younger players who are still learning their trade. Do you think Lampard should stay or go?

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  1. farcyde21 says

    Last I heard, they had offered he and Cole 1 year deals. Even that is not enough. These are Chelsea LEGENDS and still capable of playing top football. They should be offered contracts to stay and play until they no longer can and then let them (or force them if you really have to) to retire.

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