Chelsea Reportedly Wants Ronaldo At Stamford Bridge But Is He Needed?

The Blues have some of the most exciting players in world football and most of them are in the attacking midfield position. From established first team players such as Oscar, Willian, Shurrle and Hazard to highly talented prospects that include Troare, Atsu, McEachran, Piazon and Kakuta, the Blues are stacked in that position.

Despite their abundance of talent in that area of the field, Chelsea has been linked to one of the best players in football today, in Real Madrid’s famous No. 7, Cristiano Ronaldo. English papers are insisting that a 60million pound deal and a £500,000-A-Week wage package are currently on the negotiation table. While reports emanating from Spain state that both the Portuguese and his agent Jorge Mendes are disenchanted with life at the Bernabeu.

The deal is apparently in the works to either go through this January or latter in the summer. Which brings up the question, does Chelsea need Ronaldo?

First thing to confirm in such a scenario, is whether or not a need exist for him in the team. As we are well aware, there is no team in world football in which the Cristiano wouldn’t represent an upgrade. However, not every team is in need of the services that he might provide.

Chelsea is one of those few teams as they possess an attacking bulldozer in Eden Hazard. Who even though currently is not as good as Ronaldo, has the potential to be every bit as good in the future. This fact, coupled with the Real Madrid star’s niggling knee injury, makes a potential 60 million pounds investment on an aging player seem a tad unwise.

If despite of all this, the Russian Billionaire decides that he wants to indulge himself like he’s done in times past,  Cristiano Ronaldo may yet still represent value for money in other areas aside from his contribution on the field of play.

Cristiano Ronaldo is according to a study conducted by international market research, the most marketable player in football, as the research data measured the perceptions of 6500 people in 13 countries, including Britain, the United States, Brazil, China and India, which was reportedly claimed to represent the views of more than 1.5 billion people worldwide.

With 83.9 million people aware of who is he, the Portuguese international was found to be the most well known player on the planet. Also backing up this study, are the 82million Facebook likes and the 29.9million twitter followers.

Paul Smith C.E.O of Repucom a company affiliated to the research states;

“Ronaldo is an endorser’s dream. His value is as important to the teams he plays for as they are for the companies that endorse him”

With Real Madrid currently getting a percentage of every endorsement deal Ronaldo does, any potential deal for the Winger is one that might generate extra source of revenue for the buying club.  The former Manchester United star has shown that he still has a lot to offer on the field, even though he might never be back to his best as a result of his age and constant injury concerns.

  1. Usaamo says

    Ronaldo is de best in de wold we need him.Babalowo carry go

  2. Emmanuel chuks Adolphus says

    Blues! Need him

  3. Talha says

    He will never come to chelsea he would prefer returning to lisbon but won’t come to england other tha manchester united nor can roman abramovic afford him!

  4. Jimruby says

    Chelsea have enough strikers so no need

  5. ojoi anindem says

    C boy is over good,we need him

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