Chelsea on the front cover of Playboy! (pics)

Fame at last!
Fame at last!
Yes it’s true! Chelsea have made the front cover of Novembers Playboy magazine. Not the team of course but a famous American comedian and chat show host called Chelsea Handler.

She also has her own blog called, funnily enough, Inside Chelsea. Here is how she described her appearance in Playboy “and don’t ask about the airbrushing!” LOL

The December issue of Playboy is soon to be released. I mention this because I’m on the cover. I’m also elsewhere in the magazine so if you were going to judge the magazine by its cover, go right ahead.

I didn’t eat anything but grapefruit and turkey for a few weeks to prepare for the shoot, so feel free to compliment me if you think you see a rib sticking out.
I brought a few of the perverts that work for me along for the shoot.

They shot a “Holiday Christmas Party” scene and those guys were more than happy to hang out and look at the other women’s boobs while Chuy and I worked hard on perfecting our poses.
I can’t give away what you will and won’t see, although some of what you won’t see I have definitely given away.

Think of it as my Christmas gift to the world…even though I’m Jewish and not a big fan of the world.

Anyway, I hope you buy a copy, show it to your friends who are 18 and over, and don’t ask me about airbrushing!

Well there you have it. The very first appearance of Chelsea on the Playboy cover, and i can tell you all now that i am a Chelsea fan!

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