Chelsea Resign To Loosing Hazard To PSG As His Replacement Already Identified

As reports continue to emerge that French Champions, PSG are interested in the signature of Belgian playmaker Eden Hazard; Chelsea have identified Spurs’ Christian Eriksen as a man they hope to replace him with.

23 year old Hazard is one of the most outstanding playmakers in the world; and is considered one of the favourites of current Blues manager, Jose Mourinho. The manager hardly picks his team without including the former Lille forward; and it is yet to be seen how PSG hopes to lure him away from the London club without a fight from the Portuguese.

However, in a recent interview he granted to the Standard Newspaper, Hazard did not rule out a return to France where he first made his breakthrough as a player before coming to London.

“If my wife was to say: ‘Honey, I’d like you to go to PSG’, I would have to take it into account,” the player revealed to the Standard Newspaper.

Rumours have however, emerged that the player the Blues hope to replace him with is Spurs’ playmaker Eriksen. This rumour looks way off the mark as the source seems to be

Mourinho as you already know by now considers Hazard as one of his favourites, and may not see any reason to do away with his services for now. The fact that the player made a few statements suggesting he would consider returning to France if his wife sanctions it is not an indication that Chelsea would give in cheaply to his demands.

Mourinho is in his first season in Chelsea after making his return from Madrid, and his rebuilding process has just begun. Losing a player like Hazard to PSG may not be among his priority, which makes the rumour surrounding the player far from being true.

Moreover, Levy, who is Spurs’ chairman, is not in a hurry to sell a player, who represents his only reasonable signing of last summer transfer.

However, one cannot rule out the power most footballers’ wives wield in influencing the clubs their husbands sign for; which makes the transfer to PSG a bit ‘possible.’

  1. Cfct says

    Hazard has already come out and rubbished that by saying he was taking the piss… He has clearly stated he wants to become one of the best players in the world if not the best and he left the French league to come to England to improve… Why would he go back to a league that is far less physical and competitive to go back to a league that is solely based on two teams and. A league that plays in front of tiny crowds… I think there’s more worry from Real Madrid interest however I think he is happy developing his game under the best man manager in the sport.. I mean if you can perform consistently to an extraordinary level in the premier league you can do it in any league.

  2. Blue Smurf says

    That is Hogwash! He aint going nowhere!

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