Chelsea target Pep Guardiola´s agent insists no decision has been made

Reports had strongly suggested that Pep Guardiola had been lined up to take over the Chelsea managerial role in the coming summer, and that whoever was hired in the mean time, would only be taken on a temporary basis.

These reports were strengthened, after Rafa was confirmed as a temporary interim manager at Chelsea FC on Wednesday. but Pep Guardiola´s agent, Josep Maria Orobitg has talked down reports today, saying: ‘Pep Guardiola will not decide anything before January.

‘I was with him in New York 15 days ago and he told me that he will not decide before January or February which team he will coach or if he will sit on any bench next season.

‘It doesn’t matter what happens, before that period he will not take any decision with any club nor with any national team.

‘Only he will decide his future, he has the personality to do that. Now he is with his family, resting, reading, enjoying his hobbies, watching football, in January he will start to think about which team he will lead next season.’

This is more bad news for Chelsea supporters, who have to suffer with the appointment of Rafa Benitez as manager, and now the only exciting news that had been mentioned, has now been played down. Does not mean we won´t be able to persuade Pep to take over come the end of the season, but his recent comments suggest to me that he may not be ready to come back into football management come the summer.

I´m hoping Rafa can get us a win at the weekend, and I´m hoping he can do well for us, but I’m yet to accept his appointment, and do not believe this was our only option, or even that we should have sacked Roberto Di Matteo. It might take me a while to come round to his appointment, as may a lot of you…

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