Chelsea Transfer Rumour – Torres In Shock Move To Tottenham?

Fernando Torres was dropped from the Chelsea team to play Sunderland yesterday and replaced by Daniel Sturridge. There are rumours coming out of Spain today that he could also be dropped from Chelsea altogether and be moving to Tottenham.

Yes Torres to Tottenham is the rumour being circulated by the Spanish media today, but when you sit down and take it all in the story could actually have some mileage in it. When you throw Luka Modric into the equation it all starts to make a little sense.

Tottenham have made it quite clear from day one that they will not sell Luka Modric to Chelsea, and on deadline day that point was proved correct by the fact they turned down a bid of £40million.

If the rumour is correct, and lets just remember it is only a rumour, it appears as though Spurs are offering Luka Modric to Chelsea, but only if Fernando Torres goes the other way.

Chelsea paid £50million for Torres in January. Is he worth that figure now? You would have to say no because of his recent goal scoring record. So is he worth £40million? Then I would say the answer to that is yes. Perhaps the two clubs are not to far apart when it comes to their own valuations of their players.

Chelsea might want Luka Modric, but can you really see them sacrificing Fernando Torres to get him? No neither can I. It looks as though Tottenham are saying to Chelsea that Modric is not for sale at any price. It will be interesting to see how this story develops over the next couple of months.

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  1. femi paramount says

    chelsea should give this guy a breathing space how could you expect ssomething good from a woldclass striker that is left to be assisted by highly depreciated midfielder like mr old and pitch warming LAMPARD if chelsea can do away with lampard and give thiss guy the needed midfielder like those he worked it in liverpool toress will be better than messi.AVB should try and sit lampard twice an see wat pple like josh will do or buy better ones is not a must to buy moddric if they should do trade by barterr the end result will be points and trouphy claiming.

  2. femi paramount says

    am very sure that my dead grandma in the grave will be far better thanfrank lampard in the midfield.when capello exclude him from England previous match .what wass their ressult. the ansswer tells you that with lampard still on pitch with chelsea we are in trouble.

  3. collen says

    the only way to keep the club running and firing is to bring our altime leading goal scorer back in the starting line up i’m talking about the ivorian captain dedier drogba

  4. CaliforniaBlue says

    He is no longer worth anything close to 40m. We would be lucky to get 25 with the way he has played for club and country and Harry crazier than I thought if he would send Modric for Torres. Strikers careers end quickly (Sheva, Michael Owen) and Torres’ upside is not to be a world class striker but perhaps he could contribute as a squad player on a team like spurs.

  5. Okeniyan Samuel says

    The first problem that Torres had last season was Lampard and Malouda…Now yesterday, Villa Boas removed Mata the only player that could assist Torres and brought in Malouda coupled with Lampard and still expect Torres to score…
    I am a Chelsea fan with so much regard for torres but, with Lampard and Malouda it is still like forcing a square peg in a round hole…

  6. Jmazur says

    femi you are an idiot Torres hasn’t been worldclass for a couple years now and that’s why Liverpool were happy to sell him. no amount of service will help him. He is another shevchenko. I do agree with lampard sitting so that Josh can get playing time. Should of bought aguero instead the injury prone out of form Torres

  7. THFC says

    Chelsea is where good players go to die. Torres is too good a player for Chelsea and they’ve just sucked all his confidence out and left him all withered on the touchline. Chelsea are desperate to play football the Tottenham way, but you cannot just spend £50m on 1 player and expect him to transform a team’s philosophy, 1 that has been entrenched over the last 6 years or so, you need to transform the team first and then drop the big players into it. Spurs have played their brand of football for pretty much their entire existence, even when they’ve not had good enough players to make it work. Torres would thrive in a Spurs team, under Harry – but you still ain’t getting Modric off of us!!

  8. lieutenant says

    …makes no sence to include modric focking media snouts obsessed tongue mongers move on losers hundreds of other players…confused deluded quite pathetic not interested bog-off!

  9. seyi'desmondadonis says

    jmazur u are the idiot nt femi..its true that torres is nt performing..he had a dead wood in the midfield in lampard..who has done wel in the past..the only reason i hate avb nw is dat he keeps benching the wrong people..bench lampard..use josh..and torres should up his game too and quit whining

  10. ahmed amide says

    I think meriles should repace lampard for like two times then mikel can spread his passes along side meriles who is always egar to move forward that can halp my great chelsea,also play makers should be brougth into our chelsea.

  11. Dike Steven says

    i dont no why chelsea is useing Lampard 4,Villa Boas i want u 2 be useing mata and torres if i want him to score…The first problem that Torres had last season was Lampard and Malouda…Now yesterday, Villa Boas removed Mata the only player that could assist Torres and brought in Malouda coupled with Lampard and still expect Torres to score…
    I am a Chelsea fan with so much regard for torres but, with Lampard and Malouda it is still like forcing a square peg in a round hole…

  12. Goldenprince says

    To AVB-
    Get Lampard off the pitch. He was (is) great but come on! He is at the downside of his career, he is long pass his prime instead, use him like Fergie was and is using Scholes and Giggs respectively. How could you sub the creative players we have and brought in Torres, who is gonna feed him, self-serving and selfish Lampard and Malouda??. For the love of mike, we needed creative midfielders to get Torres up and running and now that they are here, you wanna condemn him to the bench.
    I’d like Chelsea to have a consistent manager in you but you gotta put your acts together.

  13. Gary says

    Lukaku is missing from Chelsea’s squad for Europe, yet he is one of Europes best talents right now. We saw an immediate difference when he came on against Norwich. He is certainly to be preferred over Torres, Drogba and Anelka. I would like to know why Lukaku has been left out and why we have not seen him playing more?

  14. EMMANUEL says

    Emmanuel: pls lets help torres to showcase his heroism. He is a good player, but we are mounting a lot of pressure on him that could make him lose control in the field. pls give this man the MID-FIELDERS he needs to excel. dont play him together with MALOUDA,ANELKA…THESE TWO ARE SELFISH. PLAY HIM ALONGSIDE DIDIER, MATA AND GOOD THINGS WILL COME FROM HIM. PLS WE SHOULD NOT MISTAKE SELLING HIM OUT PLSSSSSSSOOOOOOOH.

  15. benny says

    i think torees need to work with,the right players such as josch and mikel.lampard should be benched,that guy is a total waste.

  16. me says

    torres and 20 mil for modric seems right (torres’s value close 10 mil – even that based on the expectation that he will come back, but for 1 in 21 his value is less than £3 mil and this is championship stuff)

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