Chelsea v Everton extended highlights – Whats going on?

Chelsea are playing absolute rubbish lately, but they had a great chance to put all that behind them in the home game against Everton. But a 1-0 lead thanks to a penalty was not enough as Jermain Beckford got an equaliser in the last ten minutes.

Carlo Ancelotti was not happy after the game: “Of course I am worried,” he said. “There are no smiles around the club because there is no reason to smile. I explained tonight what I feel.

“And tomorrow we have a training session to talk about this more. Tomorrow, we have to change our behaviour to training. We have to be more focused, show more concentration. This difficult moment has gone on too long. We have to change something about our behaviour.”

“I’m disappointed, angry, not just because of the result, but because we played a poor second half. We are working to play a particular kind of football – and I don’t understand why we changed this. We lost our ideas, we played long balls as I thought we were scared and afraid to play. I don’t like this.”

Something had better change, and quickly! The Blues are dropping down the table at an alarming rate…

Watch out for the boot in the face on Petr Cech, and check out the reaction from all the Chelsea Blogs here

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  1. Sanoob says

    The game of Chelsea looks to be changed completely…

    The players in the front are not having any sort of practice. If you count the total number of passes between the front three… you would find absolutely nothing. Kalu is out of form like anything, if he had converted the half of the number of golden chances he got on the last four or five matches he could have scored at-least half a dozen. Drogba is not been given with the deadly passes that he used to get from his team mates. especially from the midfield area.

    The midfield players… especially Mikel and Ramieres are competing each other to give the possession back to the opponent team. Malourda plays with the shadow of his type when compared to his last years form… Again no goals from the Midfield area…

    A player like Zirkhov who has the ability to dribble, hold and give accurate passes is not been used at all. At least he can deliver some balls to the penalty area.

    Now a days none of the corners or set pieces are delivered properly. Its strange to see that balls delivered from the wide areas are not even covering the first person who tries to defend it [especially form Malouda, Bosingwa and Cole].

    The Backs are at-least performing good enough. We can understand that the players in the back keeps on changing their format due to the return of Bosingwa and that has led to slight misunderstanding between the players. Injury to players one after the other has led to more confusions.

    Chec is the one person who Chelsea can rely upon.

    Strange thing is that… players except Terry, Cole and Bosingwa are not willing to hold the ball and try to go forward along with the ball. Even if there is no pressure, others are willing to give a pass to a player who is surrounded with the opponent team and the possession is given back. Which is not like the Chelsea we know. It seems that with the current form of our players, no one is having the ability to dribble and cover an opponent player.

    We expect Lampard to return next week [At least the coming next week…]. Yes it is understood that missing a player like Lampard who can hold the ball, who can dribble a bit, who can give some calculated passes to his forwards.

    Lets hope that Anceloty can resolve this touch patch… and hope for the best.

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