Chelsea's Frank Lampard admits he could have been sent off

The Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard scored the very late winner against Wolves yesterday, but the England star admitted that the referee could have sent him off earlier in the game after he crashed into Adam Hammill.

“My heart was in my mouth over that challenge. I have to admit that,” Lampard said. “There was no malice and I honestly mean that but I was late and I might have been a bit lucky to stay on the pitch. I said straight away to Hammill. I was very sorry. I was trying to get my foot in and I was maybe lucky but it wasn’t any conspiracy between the referee and us. There were a few things that could have gone either way today. It was a full-blooded game and I just apologised to the player because I was a bit late.”

It may have been lucky but it was also a welcome three points for Villas-Boas, who had seen Chelsea go four games without a win. It also saw Chelsea return to fourth place thanks to Arsenal’s defeat at Fulham….

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