Clive Walker – "Walcott is perfect for Chelsea"

The Arsenal contract-rebel Theo Walcott seems certain to have forced his way out of the Emirates after refusing to even discuss Arsenal’s offer of 75,000 a week, and surely must be cashed in by the Gunners in January.

He has often been reported as not wanting to move away from his London roots which would surely make Chelsea the favourites to sign him if they decide to enter the race.

The Chelsea legend Clive Walker is not only sure that Walcott will be considered by the Blues heirarchy, he also thinks that he will fit into the team very easily. “We all know that with Chelsea being the team that they are, and the money they’ve got available to them at the moment, any player that becomes available around the world is going to be on their priority list.

“Theo Walcott, if he is available, certainly would be someone who could slot into the side because his position is open to someone in his style.

“We’ve been talking about him for two or three years now about him being the finished article and I think he’s getting closer to it.

“Sometimes we give players a certain amount of criticism when they’re young and then we suddenly realise they’re three or four years older, more mature and they’re suddenly doing it.

“We’re already talking about Theo being more of a goalscorer now, putting the ball in the back of the net. We’re seeing a more mature player but whether he’s there yet or not, I probably doubt it.

“I still think he’s got another two, three or four years to go yet before he gets to the fully mature player he’s got the capability of being.”

I think Walcott’s goalscoring exploits this season means he is much closer to the finished article than Walker thinks, and he can be exciting enough to look like a real Chelsea player. He would certainly give us a different option in attack or down the wings. Surely he would score more often than Torres!

  1. kb says

    Get wacoat chelsea without delay.

  2. kayode says

    Sturridge – selfish and wasteful OUT. Walcott pacey and resoueceful good team player IN

  3. kayode says

    Sturridge – selfish and wasteful OUT. Walcott pacey and resourceful good team player IN

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