Could Moutinho be Chelsea's next target?

Chelsea’s transfer season is just beginning, and after securing Marin’s signature everybody’s asking themselves who will the next target be.

Following a short, but very interesting statement by Portuguese star Joao Moutinho, rumours have started to pick up pace speaking of a possible move from Porto to Chelsea by the young talented playmaker, whose style of play can even be compared to that of Barcelona’s Xavi.

“Every player wants to experiment with different leagues. Right now I’m happy because I am playing in one of the biggest in Europe. But if a good opportunity arose we’d have to see.

“The Premier League? I can only say it’s one of the best leagues in the world – but I have not spoken with any club.”

The 25-year-old pocket midfielder has impressed in his time at Sporting Lisbon before snatching a move to Porto, and is now looking for a way to England apparently. Chelsea now has both Martin and Mata on similar positions and with similar roles on the pitch, but would there be room for somebody with Moutinho’s skills, or should he look someplace else? What do you think?

  1. alh auwalu shaibu says

    we will try as much as possible to acure such signing,motingho,hazad,lavezy,hunk,cavany,azzebiccuta,parrera,william, and that atlitico madrid striker.

  2. didie says

    how much u go drop to buy all this players or u think d russian billionaire will just start pouring out money like water?

  3. william i says

    all the talk of problems at chelsea is rubbish , avb was the problem and now he is gone and all is better , there is no need for drastic changes , we already got a great mix of youth & experience in most positions so all i think that is required is 1 or 2 top youngsters to give us something extra in attack , eden hazard , lucas moura & iker munian are top of my wishlist for this summer , just read eden hazard will “definetly” be wearing blue next season in epl , im sure joe cole has told him how awesome it is being a blue in london , fingers crossed we get him ! up blues !

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