David Luiz is Chelsea star – and also got some revenge on Basel's nutcase!

It was an excellent finish to last night’s game when David Luiz scored with that brilliant free-kick in the dying seconds. Luiz was an absolute star all the way through the game and I was extremely impressed with his midfield strength and his through passing was excellent.

But one of the best things i liked was when he went in hard on the dirtiest Basel player, David Degen. This animal was fouling Chelsea players all over the park and the referee was letting him get away with it which only made him worse.
When he cynically took Luiz down with about 20 minutes to go (without punishment again) you could see on the Brazilians face that he had finally had enough of Degen’s antics.

Five minutes later Luiz gave him back some of his own medicine and racvked his studs down his leg, which left him limping for the rest of the game. I don’t condone random violence from anyone, but Degen got exactly what he deserved for the treatment he gave out to our players.

All in all, an excellent performance from the boys without straining themselves too much, but a suoperstar performance from Luiz. On that display I vote for him to be our next captain (from midfield) once JT finally hangs up his boots.

Who agrees?

  1. Phelicia says

    Degen took Luiz down at 82nd minute and just 1 minute after that he got what he deserved! Although I don’t think Luiz did that on purpose. He just tried to get the ball through.

  2. Sam says

    Totally agree, the other degen twin came on and made a couple of rough tackles on the Chelsea players. Serves him right and besides, Luiz went for the ball and got it cleanly. The follow through was perfect!

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