Diego Costa – Chelsea's New Didier Drogba? 

Following Diego Costa’s imperious display at Goodison Park on Saturday afternoon, it appears Chelsea have finally found the answer to their striking problems. Not since the days of Didier Drogba at his peak have Chelsea had a striker capable of helping them mount a serious title challenge like they do with Diego Costa at the helm.

Which begs the question; is Diego Costa the new Drogba? It certainly seems like that’s the case. Costa has everything to replicate the success Drogba achieved under Mourinho and more. Although saying that I would be hesitant to label Costa the new Drogba. Yes, the two may have similar characteristics but they are not exactly like for like. Lukaku, who ironically was leading the line for Everton, has often been touted the next Drogba, which is a comparison which makes more sense as the resemblance there is clear.

Drogba is much more of a target man than Costa, who prefers to work the channels. Costa showed that there is more to his game than people thought as he was perceived to be a bit of battering ram in England but is much more than at as he likes the ball at his feet.

The comparisons are obvious but it’s a little too early to be talked about bearing in mind; Drogba was at Chelsea for eight years, were as Costa has been there a couple of months. Whether or not Costa will go on to emulate Drogba’s success at Chelsea we will see, but it wouldn’t be surprising if he does judging from these early signs.

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  1. Blue2277 says

    Not yet, but Costa has everything to be Chelsea’s new Didier. Dare I say even better. But it will take a lot to score in every final 9 goals in 9 finals, single handedly winning big games. So not there at all yet, but I have no doubt that the sky is the limit for this talented wonderful striker.

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