Drogba – Honestly, I Don’t Really Know What’s Wrong

Chelsea is fourth in the English Premier League table and 10 points behindthe league leaders, Manchester United. Chelsea as a team showed some good form in a few games but the loss to Liverpool left a wound that would take some time to heal and calls for sober reflection.

Didier Drogba is one of a number of players who has struggled for form and fitness this season, and he fears Sunday’s loss to the Reds could prove to be a disastrous punch.

He has this to say: “We had started to see light at the end of the tunnel once again. But this latest defeat by Liverpool has cut away our legs and jeopardised our chances of winning the league title once more.

“It is going to be difficult for us to catch up with Manchester United.”

Chelsea are still in the FA Cup and Champions League, but Drogba is worried about the morale within the squad as the season enters a decisive period.

He added: “Our league position is similar to what it was last season. But absences, and the fact that we’ve not been scoring as many goals, has made for a bad mood around the place.

“I’m finding our bad spell hard to live with, as do the rest of the squad. We are suffering, given that Chelsea are not accustomed to losing matches. Carlo Ancelotti has been unhappy in recent weeks.”

Well, this is not time to just sit back and keep brooding over what has happened. It’s time for the team to put things right and move to the next level.

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