Drogba relaxed about Lukaku's arrival

The excellent Chelsea striker Didier Drogba is currently negotiating a new contract with the Blues, and is not worried at all about Chelsea bringing in the young Belgian Romelu Lukaku as competition, in fact he is pleased that the prolific youngster is being compared to himself.

“Lukaku is very good. I’m really proud that people now compare strikers with me. To be the reference for other strikers is very enjoyable,” Drogba said.

“I’m not going to play until I’m 80, so I know there will be a time when a younger player will come and take my place.

“That’s how I came here as well. I was young and I took someone else’s place.

“That’s football and that’s life.”

Thats a very philosophical way to look at things Didier!. Now with Torres already at Stamford Bridge, and Lukaku’s imminent arrival it seems that the rumours that Drogba would be annoyed at losing his place seem to be totally unfounded…..

  1. victornnamdi says

    It will be good to have Lukaku at Chelsea so that any player that enter peach will play well as striker

  2. Davenoodles says

    To be honest the site ain’t got a clue coz lukaku is Belgian not Dutch!! Sort it out

  3. fsammy says

    Weldone didier,jst relax,u gon play ball bt u’ll nid 2 be rest attimes 4 some games 2 gain ful fitnes 4 some big games.lukaku a belgium not a dutch pls.blues 4 life

  4. Eben says

    I love this man D. Drogba.. He is a Chelsea Legend.. Indeed, he still has a big role to play in a blue shirt.. Sowi to say (to anyone wu is concerned), i don’t see Torres displacing DD in d squad..

  5. Gary says

    It’s fine signing Drogba for a year if it doesn’t stop us signing a young striker for the future. Drogba is a useful leader and dead-ball specialist, but he is a lot slower than he was, and any loss of pace will be devastating against teams like Man Utd and Barcelona.

  6. rodgers m jnr says

    DD nd anelka ar 2 lve stamford bridge.lets sighn in young players 4 2morow use.i lovd this 2 playerz bt they did disapoint me last season

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