Drogba – The Chelsea fans can cheer us to the title!

The Chelsea striker Didier Drogba is sure that the home supporters can spur the team onto the Premiership title, by giving them the kind of support that was in evidence when Chelsea beat Bolton 1-0 last week.

“We have done well at home,” Drogba said. “You never know what can happen, games are difficult now. Some teams are trying to save lives but some teams are playing for little and can enjoy themselves, and sometimes then you play better.

“It is going to be difficult — but it is up to us.”

“We need the fans to be really behind us, to be even better than against Bolton in the last game,” he said.

“Sunday is the kind of game that we are going to have until the end of the season so we need them to be patient and to really shout and sing and be supportive, that is the only way to win it.

“I remember the games when we were champions, like against Charlton the game after we won it in 2005, and against Manchester United the next year. The atmosphere was amazing, and also on the Champions League nights against Liverpool at Stamford Bridge.

“These are the kind of atmosphere from the Chelsea supporters when it matters, and now it matters. It is important for them to be there and help us to achieve it.”

Nice words from the big man. Get behind your team. They need you more than ever now!

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