Drogba – We will score more goals this season, and we don't need anyone else

Didier Drogba has decided to commit himself to Chelsea for the rest of his career, and thinks that the squad they have is more than capable of challenging for honours again this season, despite not spending millions in the transfer market.

He said: “Whenever you play for Chelsea, you need to play good and have big objectives. This squad went to the Champions League semi-final last season, and to the final two seasons ago, so the team is very good.

“If we sign one or two more players they will be welcome but if not we will still be very competitive.”

“It’s very interesting to play with two strikers. There will be less work for me and there will be someone to share the defensive work. That’s good.

“Also, with the players in midfield we will create more chances and get the ball to score goals.”

That’s great news for Chelsea that Didier has no plans to move on, and it means that the manager has got the team behind his new diamond system. Things are definitely looking positive for now!

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