€30m Chelsea Transfer Will Happen, Player Have "Icy" Relationship With Mourinho


The stories surrounding sending Oscar to Juventus are very interesting. Throughout the course of the season, particularly after the turn on the year, Italian media outlet, Tuttosport have gone out of their way to link virtually every player with a transfer to Juventus, and Chelsea midfielder Oscar has featured more than once. When the British media links a possible move involving Juventus and Oscar, Tuttosport act surprised, and add a new twist to their former reports, leading fans into a roller-coaster of transfer rumors.

Yesterday, Tuttosport reported that a British media outlet stated that it is 100% certain that Oscar will be sold in the summer, which seems a little exaggerated. Part of the report included a statement claiming that Oscar and Chelsea boss, Jose Mourinho have not had a good relationship since Mourinho returned to Chelsea after falling out with Roman Abramovich.

But with Mourinho in charge, we know that every player in the club has a price tag, and that if he gets the right bid he will pull the trigger on the deal. As we saw with Juan Mata, Kevin de Bruyne and Andre Schurrle, all being sold for a fee that was substantially higher than their actual value. Mourinho wouldn’t sell Oscar for a mediocre bid, and it will require big bucks to purchase him. But as we all know Juventus is always looking for a bargain or free transfer, and that will not happen with Oscar.

If Chelsea and Juventus are ever in talks about a transfer, it would be a very long and dragged out situation, with both sides unwilling to give in to the other’s demands.

It would be both best for Chelsea and Oscar if Oscar was sold this summer, especially to Juventus. Chelsea could go out and sign Antoine Griezmann, Koke, or Paul Pogba, who are ten times the talent that Oscar will ever be. Oscar’s inconsistencies could be fixed in Italy, where they play a much slower pace of game. He could restart his career, and look to fulfill the expectations that were set so high for him when he first came to Chelsea.

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