Falcao not interested in Chelsea move

It has become clear now that Chelsea will have to watch and weep once again after their transfer target Radamel Falcao, as the Columbian declared that he has no wish to leave Spain’s capital.

Falcao had an amazing season with Porto last year, and now has managed to repeat the performance with Athletico Madrid, winning the Europea League trophy twice consecutively and becoming one of the most wanted strikers on the transfer market.

Despite the intense interest Chelsea has in him, Falcao doesn’t seem to be interested in the possibility of making a move away from Athletico Madrid.

“Chelsea or Manchester United? I prefer to stay with Atletico,” he told RCN Radio.

“Next year with Atletico will be a new challenge. My thoughts are that I have four years left on my contract. I try and ignore rumours. The leaders at the club will take any decisions.”

Chelsea had wanted to make the transfer last season as well, but Falcao chose to join the revolution which was going on at Atletico Madrid rather than going to Chelsea. Some have argues that he’s not ready to put up with the pressure and that he doesn’t want to have to compete for a first team spot. What do you think?

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  1. J man says

    Even without Falcao, chelsea will b okay next season. Up blues

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