Frank Lampard – The Chelsea Legend Who Divides Opinion

When it became apparent that Frank Lampard to Man City was actually coming to fruition it left Chelsea fans around the globe flabbergasted. Most were expecting the Chelsea legend to put his feet up and see out his career stateside instead Lampard agreed a six month loan deal with the Premier League champions.

This caused a split within Chelsea fans. On one hand there was the camp saying he is arguably Chelsea’s greatest ever player and is now free to do what he wants whereas the other camp are saying he is joining Chelsea’s biggest rivals and making them stronger. Opinions were divided to say the least.

Both parties have a point. There is definitely something distasteful about Lampard’s decision to move to city of all clubs. It leaves a bitter taste in the mouth for numerous reasons; Chelsea offered Frank a new contract but they turned down the chance to stay at the Bridge “they were offered new deals’ Mourinho revealed. He could have joined Melbourne City with David Villa; Man City’s other partner club. He could have joined any club for that matter. Discounting rivalries City is the last club Chelsea fans would have wanted Lampard to join as it does look like they will be the two teams to battle it out for the league. Any assist or goal Lampard gets during his tenure at City prove to be pivotal in the title race. Lampard stated that he wouldn’t play for another English club as well. All these points make it hard to be anything other than disheartened at the transfer.

On the other side for all intents and purposes it does look increasingly likely that Lampard will be City’s fourth choice central midfielder behind Yaya Toure, Fernando and Fernandinho. Game time is looking limited. Capital One Cup games and ten minutes here and there. The in and out of the deal are also unclear, Lampard joins New York FC who are owned by Man City who need to meet up their home grown players quota. Make of that what you will. On a positive note though it materialized that Chelsea’s real goal scorer requested he did not take part in the match against Chelsea.

“Joining up with Manchester City is a fantastic opportunity for me to continue to train and play at the top level and make sure I am in top condition for New York City.” Seeing quotes like that and then pictures of Lampard at City just don’t feel right. My personal opinion of the transfer is one of disappointment. The way I look it is like this lets say City are drawing 0-0 vs Palace for example and Lampard comes on a provides a goal or assist and Chelsea lose the title by three points. That is hard to stomach.

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