High Rated CB Confirms He Is Likely To Play For Chelsea Next Season


Versatile defender Tomas Kalas recently finished the last game of his loan from current Premier League leaders Chelsea in the Championship with Middlesbrough. The Czech Republican, at  just twenty-one years of age, has stated that he is ready to take the next step as a member of the Blues in the big time. “I have really enjoyed my time here in London and want to stay” says the defender. “If the coach [Mourinho] gives me the option for minutes next season, no doubt I will take them.”

Kalas would definitely be a player to keep an eye on, and an interesting add-on to the first team because of the fact that he can play both centre and right back positions. The Blues are rather slim in the right back department, as the only one the currently have is Serbian beast Branislav Ivanovic.

Ivanovic has had a career year, but he is going to be 31 by the end of next season, and we all know how the Chelsea board feels about players in that age range. Additionally, there are no other right back on the first squad, so even if Ivanovic stays, Kalas would become a key add and give depth to the already super team that Chelsea is.

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