How much did Villas-Boas cost Chelsea!!!

I know that Roman Abramovich is not struggling for cash, but £32 million for seven months work is a little steep for anyone. What makes it worse is the fact that it was for the worst manager that Chelsea have had in years.

Abramovich forked out £10 million in compensation to Porto when he signed the young manager, according to the Daily Mail. The club have now come to an agreement with Villas-Boas that sees him receive another £12 million on top of his weekly pay packet of £125,000. All totalled he walks away £32 million richer. Even bankers don’t get that much for doing a bad job.

Villas-Boas will not believe his luck, and will also walk straight into another job, with Roma looking favourites. They have just sacked former Barcelona player Luis Enrique as coach after just one season.

Chelsea have now spent over £75 million in just five years on managers and other back room staff. I am available Roman!

  1. kiki says

    probably guardiola’s way @ barcelona is the best, he only signed 1 year contracts!
    renewals each year, only if both parties are very happy!

    that is the way!!

  2. well says


    and then this year, he refuse to renew his contract -____-

  3. Jens says

    This is the most outdated post i have ever seen. Get over it.

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