Is it Falcao OR Torres for Chelsea?

There are two different stories doing the rounds about the future look of the Chelsea strike force and both cannot be true. It seems to boil down to whether Fernando Torres is still at the club next season. If he is, then it seems as if Radamel Falcao will not be coming to Stamford Bridge, because the Colombian striker does not want to share his duties with Torres.

This season, Chelsea have primarily used the single striker, supported by the creative attacking skills of Juan Mata, Oscar, Hazard and others, so it would be Falcao or Torres or Demba Ba. This might not be the case with the new manager, however, so whoever it is (Jose Mourinho) needs to talk to Falcao.

He probably already has, although the Colombian played a big part in wrecking his chance of leaving Real Madrid on a high this week when Atletico won the Spanish cup final. A Manchester City supporting friend of mine alerted me to this story, which suggests that Falcao could be heading there, although The Sun reports that Torres is going to be sold this summer, for £30 million less than we paid for him. I f that’s what it takes to get Falcao, though, who cares? Roman can afford it.

Torres has done a lot better this year, but still not enough and Chelsea are looking for the Premier League title next season. You could see the difference having a real top class striker made when Manchester United signed van Persie. Chelsea need to do something similar, hopefully with Falcao.

  1. Alan Frank says

    A good posting but the thought occurs that ‘if’ Chelsea were to do a deal for Falcao (and I am a huge admirer of the Columbian striker), we would be back in the position again of having one ‘real class’ striker to see out the whole season, if we get rid of Torres. Even Falcao will have injuries and loss of form. I know we also have Ba but how many goals has he scored for us since his arrival? I am wondering whether Cavani from Napoli would be a better fit for the club AND to retain a performing again Nando Torres? My main concern is that we bring in Mourinho again and give HIM the choice of who he would rather coach.

  2. Gurung Narbahadur says

    Folcao didn’t want come cfc,pls don’t force,n same problem like torres next year,he is 27 old

  3. openji says

    It is Falcao for next season

  4. chinzak says

    I wil sacrifice two torreses to get a falcao! With falcao, chelsea will have d best attack in the world!!

  5. mar-10 says

    chelsea need dider drogba back to support Ba and torres

  6. don says

    Can’t we have two strikers?

  7. Legatus says

    Pls allow tores to go. We need falcao, lewandoski and benteke upfront, another midfielder like isco. No chelsea no football. If God liveth, me and my family shall be chelsea fan

  8. Kenny says


  9. Ola says

    if Chelsea can get Falcao, we need facalo instead of Tores.

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