Is Jose Mourinho Doing His Best To Get Sacked By Chelsea?

Chelsea’s coach Jose Mourinho can be quiet hilarious these days. He had said that left to him, he would have rested the whole squad for the game against Liverpool but the final decision was not his tp make.

According to the Portuguese

“I can’t decide by myself”

“That’s a decision I have to listen to the club. I’m just the manager and I have to listen to the club.

“I’m not the most important person in the club. Roman and the board, everybody is above me. I work for them and have to follow what the club decides. My priority is the Champions League.”

As hilarious as his comments may sound, are they are indications of a brewing tension between him and Roman Abramovich again? Did it ever disappear in the first place? Such comments in the press just could get him sacked.

Not only me  having that thought. The Journos are also thinking the same way;

Or are his comments aimed at ensuring he gets axed so he could vie for United’s vacant job? Not a few people thought he was interested in the job last summer. Is he still interested in coaching United?

Mourinho had called Manchester United the best team after the game against Real Madrid at Old Trafford. Are these subtle pointers that he may want o be in charge at Old Trafford?

Several reports claimed that Mourinho was apologetic last summer when Moyes got the job and not him. According to Andy Goldstein of TalkSPORT;

Are these comments an expression of his utter helplessness and frustrations?  Many would be wondering why would Mourinho want to be United’s boss now that they are not in the UEFA or Europa competitions? However, this is football, a game in which anything and everything is possible. Tottenham fans who never thought Sol Campbell will join Arsenal or Arsenal fans who never thought we could sign Ashley Cole will testify to this.

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