Javier Mascherano – Torres Didn't Kill Anybody!

When Torres left Atletico Madrid it was as if the whole world has crumbled before his face. Liverpool welcomed him to Anfield with great expectations. So, why would he be seen as someone that has killed someone just because he decided to move to another club?

Former Liverpool midfielder ace Javier Mascherano has blasted the club for the way they have handled the exit of Fernando Torres to Chelsea. And the Argentina captain likened it to his own move, when he left the club last summer for Barcelona under a cloud of controversy.

Torres has been criticized for comments made following his departure to Liverpool’s Premier League rivals, suggesting that he had moved to the “top level” by joining Chelsea.

Mascherano is quoted by espn.co.uk as saying at a press conference: “I was not surprised about what happened with Fernando.

“When I left Liverpool, it looked as if I had killed someone.

“It is sad that the press and the club try to convince people that it is the player’s fault when the reality is that Liverpool didn’t show the interest in keeping us in the club.

“I spoke with Fernando and I said to him that he doesn’t have to be worried because he did his best for the club.”

Torres made his Chelsea debut against Liverpool at Stamford Bridge last Sunday.

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  1. Seamus says

    Why would anyone care what a bloke who can’t pass a ball 10 and sit in a bench week in week out thinks. The fact he’s comparing his leaving with Torres is laughable. Just read Utd might be interested in signing Mascherano. As a Liverpool fan, I’d kill to see him at Utd. He’s muck

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