Chelsea FC Legend Joins BK8.Com: Captain Marvel Still Working Hard

The former captain John Terry has been keeping his short summer period busy by becoming the first and new casino ambassador for casino. Terry became the first BK8 brand ambassador for the casino group that will no doubt also help spread the appeal of Chelsea Football Club across Asia.

Terry Joins a New Formation of Play

The casino is not available to players in the UK, however, Chelsea fans can still find more suitable gambling sources from such sites like From there you will be able to find the best UK casinos online and with them, their free bonuses that are exclusive to all new members that join to be part of the leading sites holding the biggest jackpots in the global market of online casinos. As for Terry, his eyes are firmly set on doing the campaigning works for BK8 casino.

Terry’s work will have already begun as ad campaigns look to filter out before the start of the new season. There is no bigger English player that is currently retired from the game and despite his work as a coach at Aston Villa, he has enough talents to bring this one home, as they say.

John Terry spoke of the appointment and said: “I’m excited to be part of the team at We both share this incredible passion for football, plus I look forward to being a key role where we can both help to promote this great brand to all the new and existing players throughout Asia.”

Mr. Lawrance Wayneson, Manager of, quoted, “We’re delighted to have Mr. Terry at casino; he is a professional who shares the same interests and values as our brand and who is always on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities to reach greatness. Mr. Terry is one of the most influential British players and one of the most successful captains in the game to compete across all the highest levels. Mr. Terry is a sports icon, he can inspire fans to reach standards of excellence which is why we have signed him to Mr. Terry will help us to engage with our audience across Asia and to be working with him is just one of many exciting projects that have planned for 2019!”

John Terry still holds the club record as Chelsea’s highest goal scoring defender with 41 goals. He has won an amazing number of footballing trophies during his career including 5 Premier League trophy titles, 1 FA League Cup, 1 Europa League Cup, and the biggest sporting prize of all, The Champions League Title. There are not many better placed than captain marvel to help a campaign become successful.

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