John Terry caught out doing secret cash deals at Chelsea training ground

The Chelsea captain John Terry has been set up by the News of the World, who have secretly filmed the England taking £10,000 in cash from undercover reporters.

He teamed up with a well-known ticket tout Tony Bruce to give behind the scenes tours of the Chelsea training facilities in Cobham, and the cash was handed over in the club restaurant, just yards away from Carlo Ancelotti, who was also eating there at the time.

The News of the World report said of the cash handover: With a grin Terry whispered: “If the club finds out, it’s a little bit. . . you know.”

Sharp-suited Bruce – from Bromley, Kent – warned that if problems ever arose HE would take the rap and we must DENY Terry was involved.

He said: “If anything ever goes wrong, then you say, ‘John didn’t know nothing about that.’

“John just can turn round and say, ‘Tony Bruce, he shouldn’t be doing that.’ He can deny it.” Terry nodded his head and said: “Yeah.”

Then Bruce mentioned the money. One of our men produced the cash in a black folder and said: “Yeah, I’ve got 10 grand here.” Bruce said: “Right, give that to me.” And Terry chipped in: “Give it to Tony.”

A delighted Terry watched as the money was handed over. The whole deal was secretly videoed by our team and we are making it available to Chelsea and the Football Association.

The one mitigating factor is that Terry constantly impressed on the reporters that his £8,000 share of the fee to the Make A Wish charity that fixes treats for terminally ill children.


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  1. Leslie Tinashe Chingosho says

    I just hope this is not something really that bad.

  2. BigBoi From OutKast says

    What a mug, why not just donate tickets to make a wish to auction or give to kids…

  3. mickeyscouse says

    Greedy scumbag and saying the money was for charity LMAO.

    The only charity a Terry knows is the back pocket, you can take a Terry out of Essex but you cant take the Essex out of a Terry, What a family the mother a shoplifter the father a cocaine dealer, no suprise John turned out the way he did.

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